Knowing if you are Connecting with a Negative Spirit

When you make the choice to open yourself up to communicating with the spirit world, chances are that you will have conversations with people that have crossed over and different spirits. Some of the spirits that you will talk to are not on your side and they do not have your best interests at heart. When you open up your psychic gifts and you talk to the spirit world, chances are that you will talk to a negative spirit at some point or another.

People that begin to explore their psychic gifts are vulnerable to the energy that is bound and the energy of the spirits. This means that they can have spirits come to them at all times of the day and night and this can cause stress and anxiety.

Signs of Negative Spirits

If you are worried that you have negative spirits or messages around you, you need to open up your mind and decide that you want to hear messages only from the spirits that you ask to speak to.

If you are wondering why negative spirits want to connect with you, most likely, they are just looking for someone that is open to them and you might just be the one at the time that is there.

You need to identify how you feel when you are communicating with the spirit world if you want to know if you are talking to a negative spirit and here is how:

  • Notice if you feel bad or uneasy when you get a message.
  • The negative energy might smell bad or make you feel that you are not enjoying your body.
  • You might see a dark cloud or ugly colors and feel heavy.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable when you are doing a reading or psychic work, you need to end the connection right away.

Stopping a Connection

If you feel that you are communicating with a negative spirit, you have to shut this down right away.

One way to shut off a connection is to imagine a shield covering you and protecting you. This can come from your crown chakra and surround you and keep your energies safe.

You can ask your spirit guides to help you and to protect you during these times.

It is easy to stop unwanted connections to happen to you when you are in the psychic work and this is easier than stopping one once they start to connect with you.

Imagine that you are keeping the gate and that there are spirit guides that are there to stop anything from coming in or coming out that is negative. This is a gatekeeper that can stop the connections of negative spirits from talking to you.

You can get your gatekeeper to be strong by meditating and by asking for signs from your spirit guides. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself:

  • Meditate before doing spirit work.
  • Ask your guides to help you and keep you safe.
  • Use stones such as Black Tourmaline to protect you while doing spirit work.
  • Imagine a shield of light surrounding you at all times.


It is important that you are safe when you are doing spirit work. Make sure that you protect yourself before opening yourself up to the spirit world and to negative energies around you.