Know Your Clairaudience

Know Your ClairaudienceClairaudience comes from our fifth chakra and this is where you can grow your gift.  Clairaudience means to hear clearly, and this means that you can hear things without actually hearing them.  The fifth chakra is part of the blue chakra and is the place to have your gift opened.

Do You Have the Gift?

Sit in a quiet place and listen to the sounds all around you.  Swallow and see if you hear a sound and if it is louder than you realized.  This shows you that you are aware of what is going on around you and that you can tune into your ability to hear outside of your ears.  This sound is more of a feeling.

Psychic Power

Practice that again and consider when you are talking to a friend and paying more attention to the words than to what they are saying.  What did you feel and hear?

Try to think about the last thing you watched on television and think about what you were seeing.  Were you paying attention to what they were wearing, to the music or to what they were saying?  If you were paying more attention to what you were seeing, this is part of being clairvoyant or having clear seeing.


When you go to bed, take time each night to meditate and tune your sense to the gifts you have.

  • Deep breathe.
  • Imagine you hear sounds coming out of the radio.
  • Listen to the sounds that are closest to you.
  • Listen to the sounds that are further away from you.
  • Try to go even further and listen to the sounds outside of the home.
  • Tune into the sounds as far out as you an. Go outside and listen to see if you heard anything.
  • Listen as deeply as you can.

If you hear something that you think is different or special, write it down in a journal.


You might hear sounds, but you also might just feel them in your head.  You will get an inner hearing that allows you to hear things that sound like a person talking.  When you have higher vibrations, you can hear things more clearly and you will know if your spirit guides are giving you a message.  The message might be about love or grace.  Ask them to come to you and to tell you more.

You might notice that your gift will grow, and you will become more sensitive to things around you.  You may start to have ringing in your ears or wake up to noise easily.


Your clairaudient gift can be developed, and it can be like a radio station.  If you have the radio on in the background, sometimes you aren’t really listening to it.  Then, when you decide you want to listen to something, you tune in to it and its like the sound is right there in front of you.  Your gift is like this, once you begin to tune into it, you will notice it all around you.

Clairaudient Spirit Guides

Who doesn’t want to hear from their spirit guide?  What does it look and sound like when your spirit guide is there?  Your spirit guide can talk to you with their own voice, through messages and through music.  It is important to pay attention to the signs that your spirit guide might want to give you.

Training yourself in your gift can take time but it will help you to get used to hearing the sounds around you, even when they are quiet.


There are some exercises you can do to increase your gift.  Take time to focus your ears and your mind.  Let things get bigger in your ears.  How does the sound appear to you now?  Look around you, look at things around you and notice the colors.  What do you feel when you look at it?  Imagine the sound past your breathing and let your mind increase its abilities.


Some people are afraid of their psychic gifts and they miss out on having more power.  This gift will come attached with goodness and kindness and so you need to use it to the best of your ability.

Make sure that you meditate each day so that you can learn to tune out the world and tune in the spirit guides.


  1. The concept of clairaudience is fascinating and it’s intriguing to see its connection with the fifth chakra. However, more scientific evidence would be helpful to understand it better.

  2. The exercises mentioned in the article seem practical for those looking to develop their clairaudient abilities. Consistent meditation does have various benefits.

  3. I appreciate the step-by-step approach discussed for tuning into one’s clairaudient abilities. It provides a clear framework for those interested.

  4. While the spiritual aspect is intriguing, it would be beneficial to understand how this aligns with neuroscience and auditory processing.

  5. The article provides a good introduction to clairaudience. Further reading on how different cultures view and develop these abilities would add depth to the understanding.

  6. The focus on spirit guides in the article is interesting. It would be useful to have more examples or case studies to validate these experiences.

  7. The idea of hearing without actually hearing is quite abstract. Has anyone experienced tangible results from these exercises?

  8. The analogy of a radio station for developing clairaudient abilities is quite illustrative. Tuning in and out is a skill that likely requires patience and practice.


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