Importance of Seeing Orbs

Seeing an orb differs for each person.  Therefore, it is important to learn how you perceive their presence in your life.  It might feel like a sign, an error in a developed photograph, or a visit from a spiritual being.  Other particular things to pay attention to when noticing orbs is its color, whether it was seen in a photo or in real life, and what situation you were involved with when you spotted it.

Orbs are round spheres of light people noticed either in photos or with the human eye.  Typically, they are white, but can appear as a number of different colors.  Often when people see an orb in a photo, they can dismiss it as dust particles illuminated by the camera’s flash.  However, it becomes hard to ignore when you realize you never had the flash on or if you saw the orb with you naked eye.

Frequently, people seeing an orb in a photo will believe it’s the spirit of deceased loved one, especially when the photo is taken during family celebratory events or holidays.  This makes sense, as these high vibration events will the whole family would attract the attention of a spirit to visit their loved ones and celebrate with them, albeit from a different plane of existence.  During real life spotting, people may recall how their pets react to the orb.  Dogs will bark and cats may paw at them.  This is because animals sense frequencies far beyond human capacity.

If you believe you have seen an orb, it is helpful to ask the following questions:

  • Did you see it in person or via a photograph? It is far more likely to be a spiritual phenomenon if you noticed this floating sphere of light when noticed with the naked eye.
  • During what situation did the or appear? Visits from deceased loved one are most frequent during large (and often) joyful events.
  • What thoughts or emotions did you experience? What is your instinct telling you about this spotting?  Did a sudden memory of your loved one pop into your mind when seeing the orb?  Do you feel it is simply a speck of dust hitting the camera lens?

Processing what spotting an orb means is highly dependent on the situation it appeared and your own interpretation of the situation.

Orb colors

The color of the orb that you spot is important in conveying the reason it appeared to you.  Typically, people report seeing white and clear orbs.  This reflects a light and positive high frequency energy that often can signify the spiritual presences of a loved one or celestial being.  Conversely, a black or dark orb can connote danger or warning, such as a low energy spirit residing the space the orb was seen.

Blue:  May signify the presence of a spirit guide coming to visit you

Purple:  Can convey a spiritual message needs to be transmitted to you to help you connect to your higher self or to help you pursue a spiritual calling.

Green:  Your higher guides are sending you a message that you need healing, especially spiritually, and their love for you is omnipresent.

Orb colors are often tied to the vibrations of Archangels, which can visit us just as spirits can in orb-form.  Different people can perceive the presents of Archangels in a variety of ways.  But typically, Raphael, the healing Archangels will appear as green.

Seeing an orb is a fascinating experience no matter if you view it as spooky or a blessing.  If you believe these orbs represent a spiritual visitation or not, it is excellent to have photographic proof of these moments.  The most critical aspect of processing seeing an orb if understanding how you felt during the moment and the interpretation of any message you believe the orb is trying to convey.


  1. The article’s mention of Archangels and their associated colors adds a layer of spiritual context that some readers may find enlightening.

  2. It is intriguing how the color of an orb can be interpreted to signify different spiritual messages. More research on the subject would be beneficial.

  3. Overall, the article presents a comprehensive guide for those curious about orbs, blending both scientific and spiritual viewpoints effectively.

  4. The article provides a balanced view of the different interpretations of seeing orbs and stresses the importance of individual perception.

  5. The article successfully outlines different scenarios where orbs might appear, encouraging readers to evaluate their personal experiences critically.

    • Evaluating the context and emotions during the sighting can indeed provide insights into its possible significance.

  6. Animals sensing orbs adds an interesting dimension to the discussion. Their heightened senses might provide additional evidence of orbs’ existence.

  7. The emphasis on distinguishing between dust particles and genuine orbs is a crucial point. Scientific scrutiny is important when analyzing such phenomena.

    • True, empirical evidence coupled with personal experience can lead to a more comprehensive understanding.


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