Put simply, a narcissist is someone who actively believes that the world revolves around them. Spotting one is easy but becoming trapped by a narcissist is also easy. It may seem ridiculous that one should allow themselves to become caught in such a relationship, but that’s how they operate; narcissists are very good at ensuring that you, too, revolve around them.

Being trapped is purely a mental state, and you will recognize this from time to time, questioning your own actions after you have been gas-lit by your partner. You feel stupid for sticking around, but you shouldn’t; the way to escape is to focus on your own self love and re-establish your self-esteem. Here we have listed several ways of doing just that.

How to Spot a Narcissist

The worst thing about narcissists is that they do not reveal their true colors at first; they’re highly skilled at tricking you into seeing them in their preferred way. They are control freaks and will do anything to make sure you love them. Then, all of a sudden, they go berserk. You haven’t fulfilled your role. You must be shouted at. Then they’re straight back to making you feel special, which is just to keep you hooked on them.

A narcissist will make you ashamed for your actions and will try to trick you into thinking that you should feel lucky for being in a relationship with them. They will try to ensure that you are financially dependent upon them. These tricks do not only keep you in a relationship with them, they make you feel terrible for every thinking about leaving them.

Regaining Control

The best way of looking after yourself once again is simply to leave. More than anyone, a narcissist will try to pressure you out of leaving. Don’t listen to their begging, their crying, and their bleating; even if they provide you with financial support, a narcissist needs you more than you need them. You will find it impossible to grow as a person unless you split.

Still Stuck on Your Narcissist?

Because of the emotional damage a narcissist inflicts, you are liable to find yourself mourning the relationship long after you’ve split. You should be congratulating yourself on doing the right thing for your own growth, but you’re still fixated on that troubled relationship, repeatedly convincing yourself that you can make it work.

All you’re doing is creating an impossible situation that you can never achieve with a narcissist.

The sooner you let go of the thoughts—which, we’ll be honest, tend to romanticize the relationship more than anything—the sooner you’ll be able to find your actual soulmate. The further away you get from your narcissist, and the further towards your soulmate you get, the more you’ll grow as a result of outrunning the emotional trap you were in.

No one is pretending this is easy; there is always a need for a helping hand in a situation like this. We recommend connecting with your favorite psychic today in order to seek the help you honestly deserve.