Cookies by the Zodiac

Most people love ordering girl scout cookies, and they wait for the perfect month when they are being sold. The cookies have ben around for years but many of the recipes have changed. Girl Scouts of America offers a variety of cookies that you can get. The cookies have different flavors, and you can find out which ones fit the best with your own zodiac sign.

Zodiac and Girl Scout Cookies

Here are some of the Girl Scout cookies and which zodiac sign they fit in:

  • Aries

The best cookie for the Aries is the Lemonades. This is a cookie that is a shortbread cooky with lemon icing.

Aries are a sign that are sometimes tangy and so this is a great cookie for them. Since the cookie is tangy and crispy, it has a lot of flavor and is fun. The Aries is one that loves to have adventure and to do things without thinking them through. They are also very passionate, and this can make them seem sour sometimes. The cookie fits them perfectly.

  • Taurus

The best cookie for the Taurus is the Do-si-dos. This is a cookie that is peanut butter filled and oatmeal.

Taurus is one that is often called the salt of the world. They are a sign that works hard and that wants to eat things that are rich and delicious. With the peanut butter feeling, it brings out feelings of luxury for the Taurus. This cookie is best because it is classic and strong in flavor.

  • Gemini

The best cookie for the Gemini is the Caramel Chocolate Chip. Not only is this cookie full of semi-sweet chocolate chips, it also is chewy, full of caramel and salt and it is gluten free.

Since the Gemini is such a loved sign, this is a cookie that shows much love. The Gemini loves to talk to other people, and they aren’t often left behind or passed up. The cookie fits them best because it is one of the most chosen cookies. Who can resist chocolate chips?

  • Cancer

The best cookie for the Cancer is the Lemon-ups. This is a crispy cookie that is inspiring and lemony.

Cancer’s are people that want to see everyone happy. The Lemon-ups is a pick me up kind of cookie and so it matches the Cancer sign perfectly. If you want to have a cookie that makes your stomach and your soul happy, this is the one to choose for you.

  • Leo

The best cookie for the Leo is Caramel DeLites or Somoas

No matter where you live in the country, this is one of the most wanted cookies. These often even sell out and so many people miss out on getting one. This is a delicious cookie that looks like a lion when you look at the front of it. Leo is a lion and wants to be around its own kind.

  • Virgo

The best cookie for Virgo is Toffee-tastic cookies. This is a cookie that is crunchy, buttery, and sweet and has toffee bits.

This cookie reminds people of summer, and the Virgo sign loves things that are rich and sweet. This is a cookie that once you eat it, you never forget about it, just like you always remember the Virgo.

  • Libra

The best cookie for Libra is the Girl Scout S’mores. This is a cookie that tastes just like a s’more with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Part of the excitement of eating Girl Scout cookies is the nostalgia of having them. Girl Scout S’mores is one that has been around forever. If you love fire, scary stories and being with people you love, try this kind of cookie.

  • Scorpio

The best cookie for Scorpio is Thin Mints. This is a cookie that is minty and dipped in chocolate.

Scorpio’s are mysterious and they are different than other signs. They have a strong voice when they talk, and they want what they want no matter what. Scorpios love these kinds of cookies, rather you do or not.

  • Sagittarius

The best cookie for the Sagittarius is Adventurefuls. This is a cookie that has a brownie like taste and is covered with sea salt and caramel.

Nothing says adventure like the Sagittarius sign. They love inspiration and the best cookie is the Adventurefuls for their personality. They love to have a good time while eating this cookie that has a strong flavor.

  • Capricorn

The best cookie for Capricorn is Shortbread or Trefoils. These are cookies that are baked and that are shaped in the Girl Scout trefoil. This cookie is shortbread.

Capricorn’s are people that don’t make any nonsense. They know what they want, and they are an earth sign. They love traditional things, and they are reliable. They might choose this cookie because it is traditional.

  • Aquarius

The best cookie for the Aquarius is the Toast-Yay. This is a cookie that tastes like French toast and has an icing on it.

One of the most playful signs is the Aquarius and this is considered a fun cookie. This is a sign that is ruled by Saturn and has ties to Uranus. This is a breakfast like cookie that has a delightful taste.

  • Pisces

The best cookie for the Pisces is the Peanut Butter Patties or Tagalongs. This is a peanut butter cookie that is crispy and that is covered in chocolate.

Pisces are signs that are very wise and love to give others compassion. This is why peanut butter cookies is best for them. It is sweet and exciting and something that is hard to resist.

Have Your Cookies and Eat Them Too!

Do you have your go to Girl Scout cookie? Does the cookie match your zodiac sign? Look at all of the cookies and how they fit the different signs and find out which ones are your favorites.