Getting Universal Messages

Many people realize that the universe is trying to tell them something. The signs that the universe give will come in the form of messages and love. Each message that the universe gives you will feel like love.

You are harder on yourself than anyone else is and you might want to be perfect, but you cannot expect that out of yourself. The universe will never make you feel negative or will never hurt you. You can learn to decipher the messages that the universe gives you.

The universe will never give you a message to make you feel that you aren’t worthy or that you aren’t good enough. You will experience new things and each time the universe shows you something you will feel loved. The messages of the universe will never hurt you.

You have to take time to trust what the universe is telling you and trust yourself to believe in what you hear and see.

Messages from the Universe

Here are some messages that the universe will show you along your journey:

Repeating Numbers and Patterns

Numbers that repeat themselves or have patterns are signs form the universe. These numbers like 222 or 111 are from the universe. They are there to give you a message. This can come in the form of a clock or time, or it can be a temperature or a date. You will get messages and signs from the universe.

What do the numbers mean? The numbers will mean something different for everyone that sees them, and it just depends on what is going on in your life and when.


There will be items in front of you that the universe is giving you to show you love. It can be something you find or something that is special to you like a coin, feather, or jewelry.


The universe will show you things through your dreams. These dreams might happen over and over again. They can be very vivid.


You might see symbols such as flowers, shapes or even a mountain on your journey. You might see something that means something special to you.

Coincidences and Synchronicities

Nothing happens for no reason. When you keep seeing things that are strange, know that the universe is showing you these things. You might think of someone you miss, and they might show up in front of you, this is a sign the universe is listening.


Sometimes the universe will let a song play for you that you need to hear the lyrics. This can be a song that is special and one that gives you a message. It might make you think of something that you love or miss.


The universe can send you a special animal to give you a sign that you are important. This can be a real animal or even a carving of your favorite animal. This animal might be your spirit animal.


Some people will find money on the ground, and this is a sign form the universe. This can be something that doesn’t mean anything to someone eels but is special to you.

Posts and Calls

When you get on social media and you see a meme or a special message that touches your heart, this can be a sign from the universe. You might also get a phone call that gives you a message. Both of these things are to show you how special you are.


Listen to your intuition and let it guide you. Listen to what is going on around you and see if the universe is giving you a sign. You have to trust your intuition and know that when the universe wants to get your attention, it will.

The universe is there to take care of you and to love you. Remember, the messages will never be ones that make you feel bad or that hurt you. Always listen to the messages that inspire you and make you feel good, and you will see how special the universe makes you feel.

After Getting a Message

Once you get a message, take time to figure out what it means for you. Don’t make a decision just based on a sign but make sure that you meditate and that you get your intuition involved. Be thankful for the universe and what it shows you.

Your message doesn’t always mean that you have to take a certain action, sometimes it is just to tell you that you are important and that you are special. No matter what kind of message that you get, be thankful for it.

Asking the Universe for a Message

If you have been wanting the universe to give you a message, ask for one. It can be upsetting when you are waiting for a sign, and you don’t get one. If you keep looking and nothing happens, just trust that it will come at the right time.

Ask the universe to give you a message. If you are stressed, then you can remind the universe that you need to feel that you are important. Don’t doubt that you will get your message. Remember the universe is never putting you down or judging your actions but only loves you.

Here are two things to remember when you are asking the universe to give you a sign:

  • The sign can be something that comes fast or if you don’t get the message right away don’t get upset.
  • If you don’t get an answer you wanted, it is the answer that is the best for you no matter what.

Final Thoughts

What kind of message do you want the universe to give you? Are you open to receiving the message? Make sure you have an open heart and mind.