Getting Messages from the Universe

Are you trying to figure out what the universe is trying to tell you, but you aren’t quite sure what to look for? Here are some of the biggest signs that the universe might be trying to give you:

Repetitive Numbers

Sometimes the universe will try to give you a sign based on numbers. If you see numbers that are always repeating or that go in sequence, chances are that there is a message for you. These could be Angel numbers or numbers that are 111, 222, and so on. This is a great sign to know that the universe wants to tell you something.

Having a Delay

Do you ever go to do something and there is a delay that gets you frustrated? If this happens to you it could actually be a good sign for you. A delay is something that can keep you safe from harm and if this happens, it is just divine timing.

Synchronicities and Coincidences

The universe will try to give you messages through synchronicities and coincidences. This can be things that happen out of the blue that cause you to be shocked and amazed.

The universe doesn’t have coincidences, but we do and so if you feel that a coincidence has happened in your life, this is sign from the universe that something is trying to be said.

Something or Someone Comes to You

Some people have things that happen to them that are just not explainable. You might have someone come to you and give you a message from a loved one that has died or to tell you something that you have been waiting to get an answer for.

Other times a message can come to you through the television, an ad or through some other kind of media. Pay attention to these messages because they are important.

Strong Intuition

Having intuition is a gift from the universe in itself. This gift comes to you so that you can know when to do things and so that you can make better decisions in your life.

If you are doing nothing and you all of a sudden feel your intuition kick in, this can be a sign that the universe is trying to give you a message. Let the universe speak to you through your gut feeling and find out what you need to know.

Big Ideas

Big ideas that come to you through inspiration can be signs from the universe. This can happen to you and when it does, it is time to take action and to make that idea come to life. The universe always wants you to win and to be on top of your game!