Ayurvedic Palm Reading

You can get a palm reading if you are looking to get answers and you enjoy this kind of reading. There are different kinds of readings and readers, and this can include oracle cards, tarot cards, rune reading or even palm reading. A clairvoyant or a psychic can give you answers and can use the tool of divination of your liking.

Ayurvedic Palm Reading

This kind of palm reading uses astrology, and it has been used since ancient times. Those that use palm reading and astrology can look at the planets, the stars, the zodiac, and your palm lines to give you information.

Astro-palmistry is different than regular palm reading because it uses different kinds of palm reading along with astrology and horoscopes to help things be more specific. Ayurvedic astrology charts look at where the planets are positioned when you were born to tell more about your life.

If you have ever wanted to look at your astrological life, Astro-palmistry might be something that is great for you.

Palm Lines

When you get a palm reading, you need to start by finding out what you want to learn about in your life. This can help you to understand your personality and you should only do a reading on your dominate hand. If you want to get answers about your relationship or about the world around you, use your non-dominate hand.

The lines on your palm will have some that can be seen better than others. Some will faint and hard to see. If you have problems seeing the palm lines, use a bright light and try to cup your hands so that the palm reader can see the lines better. The weaker seen lines are normally the ones that need to have things in your life that is worked on.

Heart Line

One of the biggest lines on your hand is the heart line and it goes below the pinky finger and runs horizontally on your palm. This is on the top and the shape of your line will tell how you relate to other people in your life.

When the line is longer in your heart line, it can mean you are someone that is understanding and one that is romantic and caring. If it has an arc, this can mean that you are passionate. If the line is straight, it can mean you are balanced and that you are rational in hear things and you care about the feelings of others.

If the heart line is short, it can mean you don’t express love well. You might be someone that does actions to express love instead of saying word and a short heart line with an arc can mean you are shy when it comes to love.

Other FAQs about Heart Lines

  • If the line splits in two, you might put people before yourself.
  • If the line is faint, you are easy to push around.
  • If there are a lot of breaks, the heart might be drawn to flings.
  • If you have small dots in the heart line it can mean you have emotional traumas.
  • Coarse heart lines can mean you are sensual.
  • A line that goes into 3 at the end means you have good luck in love.
  • A line that is long and deep can mean you handle your emotions well.

Head Line

The head line is found under the heart line and starts at the index finger and goes across the palm. This is your mental strengths and how stable you are.

A line that is long and straight can mean that you overthink things before making decisions. A line that has an arc and is long can mean you are creative, and you find unique ways to get things done.

A short line that ends in the center of the palm can mean you are impulsive and that you have a lot of success. If the line goes into 2 or 3 and has a circle, it can mean you have a hard time remembering things and concentrating.

Life Line

This is under the head line and goes from the center of your palm and this is the line that shows your fate, your stability, and your life. This line shows the experience that you have and how you feel about your life.

If the line is broken, you may or may have gone through traumatic things in life. If the line has a break, then you are responding to something that hurt, you physically or emotionally or that you have had a childhood illness. A broken line can mean a childhood illness.

A line that is short and near the center of the palm can mean you are busy in life, and you have a hard time coping. A long-life line that curves around the thumb can mean you are athletic. If you have more than one life line, then you probably love life.

Final Thoughts

This is just a little bit when it comes to Astro-palmistry and if you want to learn more about yourself, find out more about this divination tool. Talk to a psychic if you want to get this kind of reading.