Empath Alignment Tools

Empath Alignment ToolsEmpaths strongly sense energies and can soak up the energies of other’s like a sponge. It is important to learn how to clear those energies o they do not affect you day to day. There are several ways to help you accomplish this.

Releasing the Energy Back

If you are feeling angry, sad, or close to tears for no real reason, there is a chance you have absorbed this from someone else because your energy channels were open.

When this happens, tell the Universe or angels or God that you do not feel as if this is your emotion and if it was picked up elsewhere to send it back. Explain that you know they can handle the emotion and you do not need to take it on because they are strong enough for it. End by asking that they be given the tools and healing necessary to handle the strong emotions.

Healing with Sound

If you have ever walked into your home or a specific room and something just feels off, try using a sound bowl or just your hands to break the heaviness. Do this with the intention of clearing the air and clearing the room.

Letting Go

If overwhelmed by too many situations and people that require you for happiness, it can be time to let go. Being overwhelmed may feel like actual physical strangling or pulling. There may even be cords attaching you to people you have not seen in weeks or months that need cut.

To combat this, make “scissors” with your hands. Close your eyes and visualize the cords attached to different part of your body, call on the people that hold these cords and cut the cords with your hand. This can be repeated as needed.

Enjoy Nature

If you have recently spent lots of time around electronics, your sensory input may be overwhelmed and leave you uninspired and critical. Take some time to enjoy nature. Walk barefoot, climb in some trees, go for a hike, or do whatever you most enjoy in nature. This can help you reconnect with your life force and offer new perspective.


There are numerous crystals that serve different purposes. Some wear crystals or carry them to serve a specific purpose. Choose a crystal by going to a store and choosing one intuitively. Start using it as part of your daily meditations.

Protective Bubble

Empaths can have an aura that is wide and draws people who are sad, unhappy, or negative as they seek a healing vibe, but this can be draining for the empath. Create an imaginary protective energy bubble around you before leaving each morning. This will keep you from absorbing negative energy from others.


Get moving to shake up poor energy. Workout, go for a hike, dance, or play a favorite sport. As you get your blood pumping, send the energy throughout your body. The positive energy will be infused with high vibration for the things you do and think next.