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One of the best ways that you can learn to understand tarot cards and to do readings is to understand the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth. These are the things that work with the suits in the tarot deck and the Minor Arcana.

The elements that change the Minor Arcana are the kinds of energy that the suits have. When you work with numerology and you use this to find out the meanings, you can know what the cards mean and that will help you if you are wanting to do your own reading or read for someone else.

Four Different Elements

There are four different elements including the water, fire, earth, and air. Each one has their own energies and work with the tarot cards.

Water Element

Water is something that moves and is very powerful. It can be soft and gentle, or it can be powerful and forceful.

The element of water means fluidity or movement. It means that your emotions can move, you can have strong intuition, or your relationships or healing might need worked on.

Water is a feminine element and is powerful when it is with a woman. It can help you to flow and be pure.

When you look at a tarot reading, water works with the Suit of Cups, which deals with the emotions that someone is feeling such as love and relationships. The Suit of Cups is a tarot that has you using your heart instead of thinking about what you are doing. It can also mean that you respond to situations without thinking. The Suit of Cups is related to fantasy and to romance and imagination.

The Suit of Cups can also be negative though and can mean that you are overly emotional and that you are not being realistic in what you want in life. It can mean that you are taking reality over fantasy and that you are hiding your emotions and are not able to express what you are feeling.

Fire Element

The Fire element is something that is hot and full of energy. It can be a creative element that helps you to cook, build things, shape things and it can also be destructive.

The fire element is one that works with energy and passion. It can mean you are sexual and full of excitement. It is a masculine element, and it comes with strong energy.

In the tarot cards, fire can mean the Suit of Wands. This is when you are using energy and your spirituality to get what you want. You are determined and strong and often creative. It means you can have ambitions and you can work through things to make them happen.

Most of the time the Suit of Wands deals with your spirituality, and it can help you to know what is inside of you. It can help you to know your own personality and if your ego is too strong. It works with your insides and outsides.

The Suit of Wands can also be negative because it can mean you are being egotistical, impulsive and that you are not doing things with meaning. It can mean you have no purpose in your life.

Earth Element

The earth element is one that is a foundation, and it is the place where things grow. It helps to support things and helps the trees and plants to become what they are.

The earth is a place that is grounded and strong. It is fertile and therefore it is a feminine energy. The earth will take nutrients from the earth and use the energy to grow things.

With the tarot cards, the art is one that works with the Suit of Pentacles. This means that you work hard, make money and you have possessions. It can mean that you are able to manifest things and to have what you need.

The Suit of Pentacles works with your outer body and works with your mind. It helps you to have good situations such as good health, money and to be creative. You can do things with what you have in your life, and you can shape it to work with you. It also gives you self-esteem and strength.

The Suit of Pentacles can also be negative because it can make you greedy and want to have materials over relationships. It can make you bad at managing your finances or focusing too much on your money making over what is important in life.

Air Element

The air element is something that we cannot see but it is always there. It can be the wind or a breeze that goes by you. It can be powerful but soft.

The air element can mean change, power, and knowledge. It is a masculine energy, and it is associated with doing something good or destroying things.

The Suit of Swords is the tarot that works with the air element. This means that things are focused on your mind and around the thoughts that you have. The Suit of Swords can be a balance and it can help you to be balanced in your mind, body, and soul.

The Suit of Swords can be negative when there is a lack of judgment and abuse that comes from verbal attacks or having no compassion for others.

Connecting with the Elements

You can connect with the different elements once you understand their power. You can experience the water element, for example by going to the ocean or taking a bath. Notice the water over you and feel the power of it.

Do things that are simple like go and walk out in nature and feel the air and the earth by your feet. You can then go and look at the tarot cards and see how they express themselves with each of the elements. Notice the cards and how they feel with you and see if you can get a deep understanding of what they mean.

Mastering the Elements

Understanding the elements is important for your life. It can help you to understand tarot readings more and help you to learn to connect with the different elements and be more aware of things around you.

Choose one element to get to know at a time and go out and experience it. See what the tarot cards tell you afterwards. Do your best to find out what new things you have learned along the way and be strong in your readings.


  1. The explanation of the elements and their relation to tarot cards is quite informative. It helps in understanding the underlying principles of tarot readings.

  2. The detailed insights on each element’s characteristics and their impact on readings are useful for both novices and experienced readers.

  3. Understanding the elements and their corresponding suits can improve the accuracy and depth of tarot readings. It provides a structured approach.

  4. While the article provides a thorough overview of the elements and their significance, one might wonder how these interpretations align with traditional and modern tarot practices.

    • That’s a valid point. Comparing these interpretations with various tarot traditions could further enhance understanding.

  5. The connection between numerology and the elements in tarot is fascinating. It shows how interconnected different esoteric practices can be.

  6. The suggestion to connect with the elements physically, like going to the ocean, is a practical tip for deepening one’s understanding and experience of the elements.

  7. I appreciate the balance of positive and negative aspects for each suit. It highlights that tarot readings can reflect both strengths and weaknesses.

  8. The use of elements to describe the Minor Arcana suits adds a layer of depth to tarot reading. It can be an interesting way to connect with the cards.


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