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Recently, I stumbled upon the words of Emma Lucy Knowles, a spiritual healer recalling how an aura can be compared to a two-way radio.  “It calls and receives.  It’s what you broadcast to the world and it governs what you attract back.  You want to set it to the right frequency.  Think of it as a network of vibrating energies, created by your thoughts, moods, beliefs and feelings.  We work with these layers of energy so you can radiate the best vibes.”

Energies come in an array of colors with no one being better or worse than another.  Each aura has a distinct meaning and its brightest, the vibrancy, and clarity matters greatly.  Dull and cloudy hues signal a blockage you need to purge.  Colors identify how forces within you are influencing your life in order for you to work on the areas most needed for you to grow and succeed.  For example, red auras reflect issues involving strength.  When it is a vivid crimson, the person is courageous and empowered.  Yet, a rusty red indicates a need to attend to issues of anger, irritations and resentment at a person or situation.

People can improve their ability to see auras by “feeling” an aura as a ball of energy between their hands.  Next, allow it to build up by seeing its color with your third eye.  With time and practice the colors you notice will be clearer and more intense.  When meditating, use your breath to enhance any dull colors you visualize.  This will help you set proper vibrations to manifest your goals.  When colors appear clear and bright, you broadcast to the universe you are ready to attract your desires.  Suddenly it will seem like your actions have purpose, meaning and produce real results.  Yet, when you neglect your aura, your colors will pale and your spirit will feel heavy, sticky, and meaningless.  Emma says its like having a spiritual hangover.  You may also choose to amply your aura by wearing the color or incorporating it into your living spaces.  Such as, if you want to improve your health consider where more green clothes and jewelry, and have plenty of plants in your home or office.

Another helpful way to connecting to your aura is surrounding yourself with healthy people.  Your aura can act like a magnet seeking out other vibrating at similar frequencies to yours.  When you know how to listen properly, your aura can serve as an alarm when someone or somewhere is not beneficial for you.  You can improve your aura-reading skills by spending five minutes meditating on photo of an unfamiliar person.  Notice any warm, or comforting tingles this is good sign you are connecting with the person.  Likewise, a tightening in the face or body signals your energies are not compatible.

Feeling your aura

Feeling leads to believing.  Try the following exercise and repeat it daily to increase your awareness of your aura and that of others.

  • Sit comfortably either with your feet on the floor or while cross-legged on a cushion.
  • Rub your hands together five times at a speed you would use to warm them.
  • Practice deep diaphragmic breathing and slowly pull your hands apart. Keep pulling until they are separated about a shoebox’s length.  Hold it for a few breaths.
  • Next, slowly move your hands towards each other until you can feel this weighted energy ball. You have now noticed your aura!
  • It’s ok if you can’t notice your aura on the first try. It may take a few sessions until you can pick up on it.  It is important to never let your more skeptical mind get the better of you.


  1. Incorporating colors into one’s living space as a means to amplify one’s aura is a practical application of these concepts. It could be an interesting experiment to see if it has any noticeable effects.

  2. It is interesting how different colors of auras are associated with different emotional and mental states. This could provide a useful framework for self-reflection and personal growth.

  3. The concept of an aura as described by Emma Lucy Knowles is quite intriguing. It seems to align with various holistic and spiritual practices that emphasize the importance of energy fields.

  4. The process of ‘feeling’ one’s aura as described seems worth trying. It could be a unique way to enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  5. The idea that surrounding oneself with healthy people can positively influence one’s aura is a noteworthy point. It emphasizes the significance of social environment on personal well-being.

  6. The analogy of an aura to a two-way radio is fascinating. It highlights the importance of both broadcasting and receiving energies, which could be a metaphor for interpersonal communication.

  7. While some may find the practice of reading auras esoteric, it could be seen as a method of tuning into one’s intuition and emotional states, potentially offering benefits for mental health.

  8. Practices such as meditation and deep diaphragmic breathing that are suggested for enhancing aura awareness are widely recognized for their positive effects on mental and physical health.


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