Developing Your Intuitive Muscle

Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, you likely have a bit of your own intuitive, psychic prowess. We all have a bit of other worldly sense, but need to learn how to further develop it. This is because the word psychic can be used interchangeably with the term intuitive or intuition. Knowing how to tap into our personal powers is reflective of being able to see, feel, or hear things that go beyond the physical realm. This happens all the time whether we acknowledge it or not. Think of it in this way: Have you ever turned around because you felt like someone was staring or have you thought of someone you haven’t seen for ages and then suddenly ran into them? Perhaps you have walked into a room and instantly felt something was off? These are all intuitive gifts in action. These can be developed into practical tools that help us navigate our everyday lives.

This gift can help in our relationships, careers, and even artistic gifts. By leaning into these gifts, we become stronger, brighter, and more vibrant. We are more engaged versions of ourselves because we are open to the possibilities. Beyond this, when we consciously decide to harness the gifts, it affects our lives positively and can positively affect the lives of others. It can encourage others to embrace their natural powers as well. When you are ready to turn up the volume on your personal power, try the four steps below to improve.

Be Open

Fear shuts us off from exploring our psychic intuition. When we are scared of what could be, then we cannot grow and develop these abilities. So, the first step is to be open to tapping into the capabilities. Declare to the universe, out loud if you want, that you are ready to explore your gifts.


When you meet someone and instantly get a bad vibe for no reason, it is intuition reaching up and out. The best way to strengthen this skill is to practice reading the energy of others. Give yourself the challenge of interpreting the energy of every new person you meet. This requires you to look beyond how they are dressed or look or speak and tuning into their energy for information. This is done by being in their presence and understanding your thoughts about how the way you feel reflects in them. As you attempt this before even speaking to them, follow up by striking up a conversation and see which pieces of information were correct.


Simply feeling and reading energy are not the only two psychic senses. You can further practice psychic seeing, also known as clairvoyance. This can be practiced with remote viewing exercises. Wait until you are about to visit some place new and before the visit, close your eyes and declare to the universe you want to see the location. Draw what comes to mind. Later on, compare the drawing to reality. Sometimes you will draw stuff that is not there, but others you will get things exactly right.

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides that will offer support if we call upon them. These are soul mentors in the angelic realm that want to teach us. To connect with the spirit guides, ask for specific sign. For example, if you want to know whether you are on the right path, ask the universe to show you a green fish if you are going the right way. Make the request possible, yet not something you see daily. If you see the desired sign, then you know it is from your guides. Beyond this, keep your chakras in balance to grow in all areas.


  1. Practicing reading the energy of others is a compelling exercise. It could potentially enhance our interpersonal skills by making us more attuned to non-verbal cues.

  2. The concept of spirit guides and asking for specific signs seems to blend mystical elements with personal growth. It’s an interesting approach, albeit one that requires an open mind.

    • Yes, the idea of spirit guides could be seen as a metaphor for seeking guidance and reassurance from within or from a higher power. It provides a structured way of looking for answers.

  3. Focusing on keeping chakras in balance is a holistic approach to nurturing psychic abilities. Balancing physical, emotional, and spiritual health can contribute to overall well-being.

  4. The practice of declaring to the universe that one is ready to explore their gifts can be seen as a form of positive affirmation. It sets the intention and opens one up to new possibilities.

  5. The idea that intuition can be developed into a practical tool is intriguing. It seems to suggest that everyone has a latent ability that can be honed with practice.

    • It’s worth exploring whether these intuitive skills can have measurable impacts on aspects of our lives such as decision-making and creativity.

    • Indeed, the concept of intuition as a skill one can cultivate is quite fascinating. It could provide a new perspective on personal development.

  6. The section on predicting through remote viewing exercises offers a unique method for practicing clairvoyance. It seems like a structured way to develop this particular intuitive skill.

  7. I appreciate the neutral tone in the article. Whether or not one believes in psychic powers, the practical advice on developing intuition can be beneficial for self-awareness and personal growth.

  8. The article’s mention of intuition affecting various life aspects is thought-provoking. It raises the question of how much our subconscious influences our daily decisions.


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