Cultivating Your Intuitive Sight

You might one of those that get glimpses of events occurring well before they happen.  Or perhaps you are able to see images of people who are no longer on this material world.  If this resonates with you, perhaps you are one of the talented few with the gift of Clairvoyance, or Intuitive Sight.

Clairvoyance can occur in two ways.  In both cases, the information is received through as a vision via the third eye.  In one manner, indirect perception, images you receive are interpreted by your mind’s eye and is processed as a recollection of a person, thing or depiction of it.  In direct perception, you see something in front of you with what seems to be your physical eyes.  This is typical of people who recall seeing ghosts or angels.

Clairvoyants often feel like they see messages as photographs, stagnant images, or moving images as if a movie was playing in their mind.  Images can be either clear and crisp or fuzzy and vague.  Partial images, such as a fragment of a person’s body, is also common.  To help sharpen a message try the following focusing exercise.

Begin by meditating with the goal of receiving messages from the Divine.  Focus your attention on anything you begin to receive clairvoyantly.  Ask for spiritual assistance in tuning the pictures you are receiving to make them sharper and clearer.  You might want to repeat out loud “Grow in size and substance.” With time you will find the images will resonate with you more and become brighter.  If you want to test your strength try to do some visualization work like zooming in or out on a fragment of the image.

Next, ask for clarification on what you are receiving.  You could even ask inwardly, “What does this image mean?  How can I relay this to others?” Be still and wait for the answer, it will come.  Be ready to receive it as a thought or feelings centered on one or more words.  Trust the information that arises within your other senses.  If you still need more clarification, ask the Universe “yes or no” questions.  The answer you receive could either be clear “yes or no” or intuitive pulls towards a direction.  If you still need more clarity, begin a dialogue with your spirit guides or angels.  They will keep working with you until you gain a firm grasp of the message and action steps needed to achieve a successful outcome.


  1. The distinction between direct and indirect perception is intriguing. It’s fascinating how our minds can interpret these visions.

  2. It’s intriguing how the article suggests using one’s other senses to interpret clairvoyant messages. That could be very useful.

  3. The method of asking ‘yes or no’ questions to the Universe is quite novel to me. It seems like a practical technique to gain clarity.

  4. The focus on meditation to receive Divine messages resonates with me. It’s a practice that requires discipline but is often rewarding.

  5. The idea of starting a dialogue with spirit guides or angels is a bit new to me, but it sounds like it could be very beneficial.

  6. I never thought about the idea of seeing partial images being a common occurrence for clairvoyants. It’s an interesting concept.


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