Karmic Debt

There are things that you can do in order to understand karmic debt. When you can learn to understand karmic debt then you can learn to know what you have to do in order to get past your karmic debt and to make your life better.

Akashic Records

In order to reach your Akashic Records, you have to learn to meditate and then ask your guides to help you to bring your records to you.

Another thing that you can do is talk to a psychic. A psychic can help you to understand your records and then to find out what kind of karmic debt you have and what you are dealing with in your life.


In order to know if you have karmic debt, you need to figure out what kind of problems that you have in your life. Learn to be responsible for the things that you have done wrong and then do different things in your life in order to make sure that you are bringing good karma into your life.

Make sure you know what kind of weaknesses you have and learn to let go of relationships in your life that are toxic and that are not good for you.

As you create your own karma, pay attention to the things that you do in your everyday life and avoid doing things that will bring bad karma to your life.

Understanding Karma

When you understand that karma is an action word and the Law of Cause and Effect, you can understand that karma is something that is what you reap and sow. No matter what you do, karma will come to you rather good or bad.

The way that you act will be what you have to return back to you at a different time or in a different life.

The energy is always the same and it is the way that the universe balances the energy and helps you to grow and become stronger.

Karmic Debt

You can know if you have karmic debt by reflecting on your life. You can also talk to a psychic that can help you to know what you are going through in your life.

Do you find that you are struggling in your life and do you find that your relationships always have the same problems? Do you have problems with your finances, or do you feel that you are always being betrayed or abandoned? Do you stop yourself from being successful and do you find that your energies are never balanced?

If you answered yes to any of those things, it could mean that you have karmic debt. Having this karmic debt can cause your life to be hard and cause you to be unbalanced in your energy. The purpose of this karma is to teach you a lesson and help you to have a better life.


Numerology is a unique energy, and your debt will depend on your birth chart and how you repay it. If you have a 2, it means that you have materials in your past life and you have intuition that you can use.

As you go through lifetime after lifetime, the things that you have in your life can be your calling, but your karma will be based on the things that you have done in your life.

Learn to understand the patterns that you have in your life and learn to understand your patterns and how you are handling them.

Karmic Debt and Akashic Records

Your karmic debt can be understood if you have a psychic reach your Akashic records. This is your soul records and the agreements that you have made with people and things over your life.

You will learn your life lesson and you will see that you can get your answers and the energies will be there to help you through.

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt

If you want to get rid of karmic debt, you can do this by being kind and loving to others. Learn to smile more and to speak positive things. Be nice to others and learn to follow the Golden Rule.

When someone hurts you, you can learn to let it go and not hurt them back. Do not keep following a cycle or else you will end up in more karmic debt.

Repaying Karmic Debt

Once you repay your debt you will see that you have learned your life lessons and that you are going to have a better life.

Learn to accept what life has dealt you and learn to deal with the debt that you have acquired. As you learn your lessons, you will grow, and you will see that your heart is stronger and that your karma is showing you how to be responsible and how to make sure that you are rewarded for your behavior.