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WHy Bad Things Happen To Good People?

 There are quite a handful of times where we always asks ourselves… why in the world, do bad things happen to good people? It’s a question most of us have asked ourselves at some point in life. Granted, there’s no simple answer to this complex question. But, our PsychicOz, who deal …

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Can Ex-Lovers Be Friends?

   Change is an inevitable part of life so whether we accept or not then things will change and one of the things that can change a lot in your life is the nature of your relationships with your parner. Almost everyone has to date around and search for their …

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Moving On From A Painful Past

Everybody deals with issues from their past whether we like it but  some may feel more painful than they need to. If you feel like you’ve been carrying around your past for far too long, it’s time to leave all of that behind.  Here are five tips for moving on from …

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Things That Affects Your Happiness

      Happiness is such a complex thing.. A happiness to you could be the exact opposite with some. Though it’s been studied in great depth, the secret formula to fail-proof happiness eludes us. The truth is that there are many things which affect your happiness, and it takes …

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