Wednesday , April 10 2019
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So Much Temptation, So Much Joy

    Don’t be so scared… Don’t be too hard on yourself… It’s OK. It happened to most of us. You’ve been sexual with someone that didn’t work out and now you’re tempted to create drama by getting sexually involved with people who aren’t the best for you.  Don’t beat …

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Are You Having A Hard Finding Your Soulmate?

You make choices every day that could probably make a huge impact to various facets of your life. There are thing you do and don’t do and these choices either make your happier or don’t. When it comes to finding your soulmate, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you’re …

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Do Not Be An Enemy To Yourself

         Do you sometimes remember that age-old adage saying: you are your own worst enemy. Oftentimes it’s the subtle negative self-talk (“What if I can’t…” “I am so stupid!” “I’ll never be able to…”) that clutters our minds and prevents us from seeing who we really are …

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