Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Love And Luck

 Life’s pretty hard already without having to worry about accidentally upsetting the spirit world. But if you pay attention to these superstitions, you can use them to your advantage to stay lucky in life – and love. Bad luck Everyone knows it’s bad luck for a bride and groom to …

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Choosing The Man Of Your Dreams

      A lot would agree that there are two types of dream dates: the ones we conjure in our minds and the ones we’re likely to choose in life. Very rarely do the two actually correspond on more than a few points. There’s nothing wrong with the disconnect …

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When You Hate Your Friend’s Lover

Dating is indeed complicated for everyone but who says it’s easy?  No one is going to get it right every time. Sometimes,  you won’t like most of the people your friends date, and they probably won’t like most of the people you date either. Sometimes your feelings will  be justified—their significant …

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