Balancing Your Root Chakra

When someone flirts with your partner or you see that they are out later than they said they would be, it can cause you to become negative and to questions your relationship.

These thoughts bring about feelings of ugliness in you and cause you to feel bad.  When your partner comes home, you want to be mad at them and to tell them off or give them the silent treatment.  You might yell at them or tell them that you hate them.  This is a sign that your throat chakra is unbalanced.

When you tell yourself that you act like this because you care and are attached, you don’t admit that you are doing anything wrong.  You have to stop putting the blame on others for your actions and you have to know that you are not alone.  Sometimes, you will mess up, especially when you are in a relationship.

Even if you have a meltdown, chances are you are bringing up memories from a relationship that didn’t work out or where they cheated.

Fix Your Chakra

You have to use your energy from your root chakra to move on.  The root chakra is symbolized in four parts and it is petals that are red.

The root chakra is where your base is and it sits at your tailbone.  You have to ground this chakra because it can float around and cause you problems.

When your root chakra is blocked, you cannot see around things that are negative.  It can cause you to be stressed and anxious and jealous.  It would be better to change your thought pattern a little bit so that you can turn things around.

Being spiritual can help you to enter a path where you can see and love your true self.  You have to start at this chakra and learn to ground yourself so that you can prevent yourself from having floating thoughts.

Physical Connection

The physical parts of your body and your root chakra are connected.  If you have pain in your bones, spine, legs, feet or your immune system is down, this has to do with the root chakra.  This has to be centered in order for the body to feel better and the feelings to get better.  When you are jealous, you are connecting your actions to the physical part of your body and you have to be healed form this.

You need to try yoga or meditating so that you can heal yourself and get rid of your fear.

When your root chakra is balanced, you will feel:

  • Relaxed
  • Grounded
  • Fearless
  • Power
  • That you can get what you want.
  • Happy

You need to connect your chakras to your emotions and your body so that you can keep your relationships strong.

Eating Better

Make sure that you are eating healthy because this can help to ground your root chakra.  Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as spinach, yams, beets and other root vegetables.  Also, eat red vegetables when you can such as tomatoes.  Eat red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.

Drink Smoothies

To have a good root chakra, you need to be creative with your foods.  Make smoothies of red beets, tomatoes, flax seeds, strawberries and more.


Use red fruits and vegetables to calm your root chakra and to help you not to be angry.  This can help adjust your mood and ground you and take away the stress.

Close Chakra

Having a closed chakra can cause you to be uncertain of yourself and to be angry.  It will hold you back and not let you move forward.  You will see that you have a hard time getting along with other people and if you love them, you don’t want to be difficult.

Sukhasana is a form of yoga that you can do.  Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and put your hands on your knees.  Keep your chest open and pull your shoulders down.  This can keep you calm and help you to feel good in your body and emotions.


When you want to be grounded, you need to meditate.  Imagine that you are by water or in nature.

Breathe in and let a white light surround you.  Stay focused and imagine all of the negative energy moving away.  See the light circling you.

Breathe in and out and then imagine a red light.  Let this cleanse your root chakra.

This can be your spiritual aspect and by practicing, you will learn to energize your body and your chakra.


If you are in a relationship, you need to be honest with yourself and them.  Allow your body to heal and your root chakra, and all your other chakras to become grounded.  Then, when you least expect it, you will see healing in your relationship.