Aura Defined

Though there is an International Aura Awareness Day in November, few people know what an aura actually is or could explain it well. The standard definition is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all things. Before this is declared too out there to believe, it is scientifically recognized that everything in the world emits some energy. This means that the concept is not too far-fetched. Think about the last time you were near someone and just got a certain vibe from them. This could be an anxious feeling, excitement, or even fear. This has to do with their aura because it informs attitude and overall disposition. When we take time to learn about auras and their spiritual and emotional significance, we can gain insight into interpersonal relationships and learn about ourselves. There are six main things we should all know and understand.

Seven Layered

There are seven layers to the aura, known as subtle bodies, that correspond to the chakras. The first layer is the etheric, the physical aura plane, that is closest to the physical body. It is connected to health, pleasure, and pain. Next is the emotional, astral, aura that extends three inches from the body. Third is the mental layer which is 3-8 inches away and contains the ego, beliefs, and values.

Next comes the astral body or love layer that correlates to the heart as it sits in the middle of the others. It is said to connect the top and bottom three layers. Number five has multiple names, but reflects spiritual health and a connection with the wider universe. The sixth layer is then the celestial plane concerning intuition and a link to the third eye. The final layer is the ketheric template, known as the I Am, which connects your personal potential with the divine. It can extend over three feet from the body.

Aura Color

At any time, the aura emits color mixtures and light with each shade showing your feelings. The brightness is indicative of what is happening in your life with dull often signaling depression. Those with the brightest, lightest auras can often be sensed by others, even if it is unseen.

An aura can be photographed by certain older cameras that have metal plates that can be pressed down against the battery to show your aura. Then someone can read it and explain what is being shown. This can provide information about everything from spending habits to your love life and work ethic. Having your aura photographed is growing in popularity, so there is likely a shop near you.

Social Life

We regularly read one another’s auras without even realizing it. We can often sense someone’s energy and become automatically turned off or attracted to it. Think of the times you met someone and disliked them for no reason, it was likely their aura. People react to our auras as well, depending on how it matches with their own. While it is not the only thing that determines attraction for friendship or romance, it is a factor.

The good news is, if you are not in a great place in life, it can change. You do not really have to do anything, just allow a natural shift in your physical or emotional health for the better. The aura is always alive and connected so it can change at every turn.


Now that you are aware of the power in auras, you can help keep yours clean. One easy way to do this is to envision your aura while meditating in a seated position. Close your eyes and imagine a white light radiating and flowing through your system. All the light to clear the dullness and bring you back to centeredness.

To maintain aura health, try energetic healing sessions or burn some dried white sage as part of a smudging in your home. Light the sage and wave it around the home and your whole body. Though you may not feel an immediate change, an aura shift will occur.