Are you supposed to give psychic readings to family and friends

Are you supposed to give psychic readings to family and friendsThis is one of the questions that I have been asked quite a number of times and I saw it wise to write a post about it.

In this line of work, there are a lot of things and just like those lots of things, this question has no straight answer.

Personally, I do not give readings to my loved ones. I love paying attention to my responsibilities as a mum and wife when I’m working with clients or mentoring. This is because I really love my work, but I prefer keeping it separate from my personal life.

When I’m out with family and friends, I just want to relax and have fun.

I am aware that I’m too close to my loved ones not to be able to give them clear insights.  So to me, it’s a rule, I do not offer psychic services to my family and friends, I often refer them to a colleague who I trust.

Are you indiscriminative to offer psychic reading services to loved ones?

Quite a number of us are too close to loved ones to clearly see this. And if you are still new in this field of psychic development, you might still be in the process of learning how to trust your intuition.

Add that to your own feelings and concern for your friends and family and you’ll find this to be a very complicated situation, I’m not trying to insinuate that this can’t be done or that you shouldn’t come to the assistance of your loved ones, however, this is not easy when things are still new.

If maybe your loved ones want you to do a reading for them, be bold enough to explain to them why you can’t do that. This is because you know a lot about them, therefore, it will be hard for you to differentiate between your thoughts and what is coming from the spirit. After all, that’s the truth. You can then give them the number or the name of a psychic reader you trust.

  • Nevertheless, if you feel as though:
  • You can put aside your personal life
  • It’s not hard to differentiate between your intuition and thoughts
  • You don’t mind if your friends come to you for readings

Then you might want to try to give readings to your loved ones and see how it will turn out. The most essential thing is, as long as you are comfortable and not feel like you are pressured.

What of acquaintances?

This is a bit different since you don’t have the kind of relationship and the same emotional connections as you have with family and close friends.

It’s up to you if you want to give psychic readings to acquaintances or not. I normally don’t do this, as  I said earlier that I like keeping my work and personal life separate.

Does your loved one require your intuitive opinion?

What transpires when you pick insight to a loved one and they didn’t ask for it? Can you share it with them or not?

I usually see this happen frequently when someone is practicing their psychic development. At this stage, individuals usually open and may find it hard to turn off and on their abilities, so they are likely to pick up impressions about friends accidentally.

Final thoughts

It’s a personal choice to give psychic readings to family and friends. There is no yes or no answer. If you are okay with it, just make sure you don’t let people take advantage of you or cross your boundaries.

Whatever your decision is, just don’t forget that psychic readings should be fun and should also benefit all those involved.