Are You Psychic?

Being someone that experiences things that you cannot explain might get you questioning what is going on in your life. Do you wonder if you are actually psychic, but you aren’t sure how to figure it out? If you are asking the question, “Am I psychic?” then chances are that you might be experiencing things that are extraordinary.


Someone that is psychic is someone that has strong intuition and someone that has a sixth sense power. This is someone that can see beyond the physical world and be able to feel or sense into the future. There are many people that have these gifts that don’t even realize it.

Think about a time where you had a strong feeling and you listened to it and something good happened or you were protected by something. This is part of your psychic abilities. When you know you have these gifts, you can practice them and make them stronger.

Some people have precognition, and this means that they are able to see or sense into the future. They might be able to tell people things that were going to happen or to know when something was going to happen in their own life. This can be a warning for them to be able to prepare for something in the future.

Signs of Being Psychic

Here are some signs you might be psychic:


If you are someone that has strong feelings or strong gut senses, chances are this is your intuition. This is there to warn you and to help you to live a better life. Pay attention to this gift and figure out what it means for you.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is something that happens to people when they feel that they have seen or done something before. This is knowledge that you have from the divine that can be from a past life.

When you meet someone that you feel that you have met before, this is the same concept, and this is a sign to you that you have this gift.


Are you someone that gets visions, or you feel that people are around you? Do you see shadows of people that aren’t around or even see visions? Some people see colors or signs, and this can mean that they are seeing things in the spiritual world.


This is a time when you are able to touch something, and you know where it has been and what the object is all about. You can tell things about it just by touching it.

Vivid Dreams

If you are always remembering every detail of your dream, chances are that you are psychic. These dreams can be giving you signs, and you need to make sure you are listening to the dreams. This can be a time where your guides are trying to reach you.


Precognition is seeing or sensing into the future. If you are having dreams of the future, visions or you just seem to know what is going to happen, don’t ignore it.


Do you ever feel that someone or something is looking at you? Do you hear voices speaking to you? If you said yes, you might be able to speak into the spiritual world and speak to spirits.


Clairaudience is a psychic gift where you are able to hear into the spirit world. This can happen externally or even in your mind. This is a gift that works through your spiritual hearing.


Another clair gift is clairsentience. This is when you are able to feel things around you. When things are rough, you might feel some kind of tension or feel nervous. This is a psychic sensing.


Telepathy is more common than people know. This is when you are able to read someone’s mind and thoughts. If you are able to finish someone’s sentence, this is part of telepathy.

Final Thoughts

When you have psychic gifts, you will experience the world in a different way. Allow yourself to reach into your powers and see where your gifts take you.