Emotional Wellbeing

Creating in the home can add beauty, but it can also be beneficial spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as far as your wellbeing. An altar is an expression of your spirit and a sacred space that helps you cultivate a deep presence through daily ritual. It also serves as a place to go for inspiration and healing. There are no rules for how an altar must appear or where it is placed. It can be simple in a small area or elaborate and filling an entire room. The point is that it feels beautiful and aligns with you on a personal level.

Although creating an altar is highly personal, there are a few key things to remember when creating one in your home. This is so it remains a space that is uplifting and able to beautify your vibe as you create a regular practice of self and soul care for your emotional wellbeing. The altar should be thought of as a symbol. The way in which you show up and care for it is a symbolic compass of how you are caring and showing up for yourself. Put another way, the more you tend to your altar, the more clarifying and healing energy it produces.

Why Have an Alter?

In life, there is a never-ending rise and fall that, depending on the day, can be overwhelming or beautiful. With this fluctuation, it is very important to have something that can ground us. The environment has an impact on our perspective and energy which then effects the emotions. An altar is able to lift the vibrational levels in the home while bringing an element of beauty, inspiration, and protection to a space. Having this sacred nook offers a place to recharge the spirit and release the mental static that is necessary to center ourselves. This is  a lifelong process as life has so many ups and downs.

Altar Ideas

Your altar is your own, but we must offer a few ideas to get you started and inspired. Create your altar with candles and enchantments that are meaningful and that provide a sweet, calming scent. You are creating a familiar space that will light up your spirit as you restore your mind. It can be used for meditating, journaling, or just contemplating life when you are overwhelmed and emotionally scattered. Over time it can be the place you go for guidance and gathering of inner resources. As you connect to your altar space, it becomes more comforting. Take time to regularly infuse your altar with prayers and meditations so it remains an energized space. If you ignore your altar and allow it to gather dust, it can mean you are feeling the same in your life. The altar is definitely a metaphor for your personal wellbeing.

Whatever your altar and practice looks like, take a few moments daily to visit your altar and gather yourself. This allows you to feel at ease emotionally and prevents becoming mentally stuck.