Leaving a job is never easy. It’s a stable source of income, it’s worked for a long time, and more importantly, it’s familiar. Plunging into the great unknown is terrifying for just about anyone. Nevertheless, you should always prioritize your own personal growth. Here are 5 signs that it may be time for a change of scenery.

Arguments with Colleagues 

Sure, you spend a lot of time with your colleagues; you’re bound to argue at some point. In certain cases, however, that seems to be all your relationship is about. While you can put out fires when they crop up and mend individual friendships, there may be something darker lurking at your workplace.

Some offices simply have a negative culture overall, and this can make you dread going to work in the first place. When this happens, you know it’s time to go elsewhere.

Increasingly Common Illness

No matter how great your sleep pattern, diet, or exercise regime, there are no preventative measures that can defend the body from the corroding influence of stress. Mental health disturbances such as stress can trigger inflammation, which inhibits the immune system and causes illness to rear their ugly heads more frequently. If you feel like you’ve been getting poorly all too regularly, it’s time to move on.

You’ve Already Reached Your Peak

Quite simply, there is no such thing as peaking too early. If there are no growth opportunities for you at your job, you may be confused into thinking it’s all downhill from here. This, of course, is simply not true; there is always scope for personal growth, and if your job does not provide that, then it is possibly not the career choice for you.

The Industry is Calling for You

Look around at your industry. Is it thriving? If so, your skills might be in demand, and you may be able to take advantage of this situation by seeking a higher salary as a result. Furthermore, there could also be opportunities to negotiate a higher salary at your current workplace; managers will always be willing to retain an employee that contributes valuable skills. The resulting pay rise could easily increase your levels of satisfaction at your job, too.

Don’t Commit to Old Passions

You may have worked for years to get a degree in order to pursue your current career, and that will make you want to stay with it out of service to those years. Passions change, however, so there’s no point remaining committed to old ambitions when you simply aren’t as enthusiastic about them anymore. If you’re struggling to make your mind up either way, it’s worth speaking to a psychic to help clear your thoughts; this is also a good opportunity to work through your work-related frustrations.

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