Angel Number 1212

Does it seem like you are waking up at 12:12 AM each day?  Have you been having appointments at 1212 locations frequently?  There may be key reasons you are being sent the angel number 1212.  Angel numbers are sent by our angels, guides, and higher selves to draw our attention so that we may learn vital lessons.

Importance of angel numbers

Seeing a digit or specific combinations of digits frequently is a sign for the cosmos that we must stop and take inventory of our current situation.  It is important we don’t ignore or overlook these numbers.  Most religions celebrate the role angels play in human existence.  The Divine has assigned each human a team of guardian angels to protect and nurture us.  Yet, we can’t sense them easily because angels and human exist on different energetic frequencies.  Due to their inability to directly speak to us, they send us spiritual signs like angel numbers, to help guide us on our spiritual journey.

How angel numbers work

Angel numbers are digits or digit combinations that appear to you frequently.  They can seemingly follow you throughout your day and appear in unexpected places.  In addition to waking up constantly at a time like 12:12 AM, you may find yourself paying exactly $12.12 for a meal, or following a car with a license plate that ends in 1212.  Each angel number has a unique meaning that convey specific, yet essential, spiritual messages.

The meaning of angel number 1212

To understand the significance of 1212, we must first learn about the importance of the digits 1 and 2 respectfully.  Numerologically, “1” reflect a new beginning, uniqueness, creation, and focus of self and one’s power.  The number 2 represents union, duality, balance and harmony.  Although they seem like contradictory numbers, when these number blend into 1212 the message reflects necessity of growth, improving confidence and a need for development.  The number 1212 doubles the intensity of 1 and 2 to become a powerful call to action.

Below are five reasons you may be seeing the angel number 1212:

  1. Need to believe in yourself: You may have been doubting yourself or your abilities lately.  Seeing the angels 1212 implores you to have faith in yourself.  Release negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  You were born with the ability to accomplish great things in your life.  As your progress on your life journey, you will gain vital wisdom and experience that will help you grow and empower yourself.  Boosting your self-confidence will require hard work, but it is rewarding.
  2. Change is on the horizon: The angel number 12 signifies new beginnings.  When doubled, it conveys these changes will be amplified.  It could also mean your angels or higher self is urging you to make substantive changes to your life.  Embrace this process.  Although change is hard it is imperative for your personal growth.  Your angels are reassuring you these changes will vastly improve your life.
  3. Being “uncomfortable” is ok: The growing process is not easy and can be quite difficult.  Seeing 1212 may be a sign from your angels that it is time to leave your comfort zone.  Now is the time to drop your security blanket and stretch your boundaries.
  4. Open your heart: You may have faced heartache that could have traumatized you.  If this resonates for you, seeing 1212 signifies its time to let love enter your life.  This is not time isolate yourself.  Remove the bricks from the walls in your life.  Its ok to trust people, they will teach you important lessons vital to your spiritual growth.
  5. Foster harmony: If it seems like your life has been imbalanced, seeing 1212 may be a balm for your soul.  Work to alleviate burn out and stress in your life.  Refine your self-care practices and explore new options.  Maybe its time for a vacation or work sabbatical.  Do whatever it takes to cultivate harmony in your life.