Ladybugs are part of nature, but their distinct appearance lets you know there is another presence that comes with it. They often appear at the behest of your most contemplative thoughts and can provide a sense of reassurance that makes you realize that benevolent spirits are around; in many cases, it’s a way of letting you realize that everything is okay, and that there is no need to rush.

The Gift of Abundance

In general, the ladybug is a spirit messenger for impending abundance. This may take time, because there are often several steps you need to take to achieve your abundance. Indeed, it may seem like this is taking forever, but as mentioned, a ladybug visit occurs when it is time to remind you that it is okay to allow these things to play out in their own time. Enlightenment arrives when it does; with the ladybug as your spirit guide, it can remind you in your least hopeful moments that the good life may be just around the corner.

Ladybugs Around the World

In some Asian countries, people capture ladybugs and then set them free; they believe that this causes the ladybug to then fly to your true love, at which point the ladybug whispers your name in their ear. According to these cultural beliefs, the number of spots on a ladybug indicates how many months that it will take for your true love to find you.

Because ladybugs are an effective pest controller, farmers in Ireland believe that they represent protection, and that the harvest will be particularly bountiful that year. Ladybugs are carnivores, and very few of them actually eat plants at all.

Totems and Spirit Guides 

Ladybugs are totems for people who surround themselves with happiness, joy, and optimism, and they are also totems for people who live to bring joy into the lives of others. If a ladybug is your totem, you are likely a very helpful person, often without realizing it. Those for whom ladybugs are spirit guides are open-minded people that are trustworthy and have a relaxing presence.

Ladybugs in Dreams

Very few people have dreams that are completely focused on ladybugs. However, a ladybug may visit you in your dream, often in the periphery. This is a sign of luck with regard to the focus of your dream. If you are having a bad dream, however, a ladybug may visit you to reveal the size of the problem, which is often revealed by the size of the ladybug itself. This can be very reassuring and help you to focus on what the issue really is.

Ladybugs in dreams can be symbolic in a couple of other ways, too: if one is flying towards you, this represents luck; if it is flying away from you, it is a clear indication that you have let a dream slide for whatever reason.

Hopefully, this article will help to change the way you look at ladybugs and recognize them for the powerful spirit messengers that they are.