Since December 2012…

A time where a lot of people think that being spiritual means a complete detachment from the body, neglecting this world’s daily activities and isolating themselves alone in a cave which doesn’t makes . This is the wrong idea, especially after December 21, 2012.

On December 21, 2012, we witnessed a special event that happens almost every 13,000 years: for eight minutes the center of our Galactic Sun, the center of our Sun and the center of Mother Earth were aligned in a straight line. During that eight minutes the flow of energy transcended time and dimensions, coming to our planet in a powerful torrent of strength and vitality. Many people believed prior to December 2012, that the vibration of these eight minutes was going to move us to the next dimension; many people still believe that actually happened and we are already in the fourth dimension and we are just living a dream here.

The Merge of Cosmic Time with Energetic Change

Beyond all the debates about what happened in December 2012, we know for sure that the energy of Mother Earth and, subsequently, our energy changed from masculine to feminine energy. The new year, 2017, is the beginning of feminine energy. If we see it from the sacred numbers perspective, we see that 2+0+1+7 equals 10 and 1+0 equals 1: the beginning!

Although this doesn’t mean much for some people out there, from a spiritual point of view, this is a huge change. The change comes from the fact that during the time of masculine energy there was a clear tendency for seclusion, a time for going up into the mountains and meditating alone trying to achieve God realization. However, within the feminine energy the path to awakening is the opposite. Humanity as a whole became more important than everything else for achieving a higher level of consciousness. The first step is to enjoy your life, right now, right here. The second step is to rediscover the delight of enjoying yourself in any context or conditions; to be relaxed and find your inner guide.

Being Happy in Our Feminine Archetype

So, what does it mean to be enlightened? How will this new energy affect our spiritual path? The answer is very simply: “Being happy”.

Are we not happy here? What if we don’t enjoy a flower here, or a child’s smile, or a sunset together with the people we love? What do we expect to happen when we move to the next dimension? It is time to let our instinct guide the feminine side of our energy; to act and bring us to the state of who we really are.

Both Nobel Prize winners, Albert Einstein and Madame Curie tried for days and weeks to solve difficult mathematical problems. Nothing came of their exhaustive attempts. Ultimately, they relaxed and fell asleep in their offices and, in their dreams, realized the answers. They woke up and wrote them down. They won the Nobel Prize because of these dreams that only came when their inner guides gave them the solution.

Intuition at the Forefront of Breakthroughs

Now scientists know that all great discoveries are intuitive, are given by the inner guide not by logic. All great discoveries come from the heart not by the brain. It is through images not through thoughts. The heart speaks through images and dreams, while the brain speaks through thoughts. Both famous scientists, Einstein and Madame Curie, got their answers in a form of an image. The images came like a wavelength connected with the infinite library of our Universe: the Akashic Records. They tuned into the same dimension, led by their inner guides and got it.

Whenever we are puzzled and confused, whenever we can’t see how to get out of a situation, we need to stop thinking. We need to do something that we love, maybe an old passion; but we need doing it with enthusiasm and wholeheartedness.

This non-thinking process, this abandonment of our logic will allow our inner guide to help us. In 2017, this new consciousness is our new way of living in the feminine energy. It might be difficult if we like logic and the intellectual way of living. However, this is the only way that our inner centers are going to be activated and give us the right guidance resulting in harmonious conclusions. We need to remember that the new energy gives us something that we completely lost: inner trust. The inner trust will help us to believe in ourselves and enjoy this beautiful world.