How to Create Your Soulmate

Tackling a task is always easier with a plan.  Finding love is no different.  You want to find a mate that compliments your lifestyle and values.  It is important that they are able to be both your lover and friend, reveling in the act of discovering new facets of each other.  The laws of attraction are universal.  This guide will help you create your soulmate and map out your courtship.  By focusing on manifesting your ideal mate and relationship goals, the more you will attract them!

A relationship is an intimate dance for two that grows and flourishes over the course of your lifetime together.  Together you will address, face and preserved the challenges and opportunities in life.  Create your wish list with a clear head and an open heart.  Only when you can confidently answer, “What do I bring to the union?” can you appropriately create the best partner for you.

This exercise can only be undertaken through a series of open, honest and vulnerable conversations with yourself.  There is no time crunch to sketch out and paint the picture of your ideal love.  Feel free to even hand write your thoughts on paper to get more specific and refine your thoughts.  Be mindful and take periodic break to maintain a fresh perspective.  Whenever your requirements might resonate as shallow or nonessential for you, be willing to release them.

These breaks will also help you become confident you haven’t omitted any aspect of your perfect partner!  Keep in mind that as you envision the traits necessary for your soulmate, you will be gleaning an interesting view on your own spirit.  When you are ready transmit this list to the Universe in whatever manner most resonates for you, so that your love will be able to find you quickly.

Aspects to include on your soulmate list might include some of the following:


In what capacity does your soulmate work?  Are they seen as dependable?  How does they value their work?  How do they prioritize their job to their family or social life? Are they someone that takes their work home with them or quick to disconnect?


What do they like to do for fun?  How this mirror your interest and priorities?  Are they someone that undertakes a lot of projects? Are they someone that enjoys DIY tasks or do they rather hire a task rabbit?  What is their interest in creative pursuits? Would they rather take enjoy a staycation or take a vacation either domestically or internationally?  Will they be reliant on you to fun or can they create their own experiences?  Will either of you need to follow a particular diet or abstain from alcohol or do you both crave an exciting night on the town?


Can you detail either of your general dispositions?  Is someone who is a go-getter or more reserved better for your lifestyle? Do they focus on short-term or long-term goals?  Can they celebrate the small accomplishments in life?


What is their ability to keep their word, or follow through on promises? Are projects finished easily or do they dabble frequently with flights of fancy?


Does your mate treasure items or experiences?  What is their most import item they own?  How do they treat their items and living spaces? How someone cares for possessions is often an indicator of their potential as a provider.


How does your mate treat their body?  Is fitness and healthy diet a priority?  What are their expectations of how you treat your physical self?


How do you both regard yourselves?  How do you both face the hills and valleys of life?  What helps pick you both up after a trying time?  What is your general outlook on life and how might they impact the other?


What is the cornerstone of your spirituality?  Is it important you both honor the same religious faith?  Do you both experience God?  If so, is it in a building, within yourself, or in nature?


How do you both tackle the unknown?  How do you each react with times try you?  Are either of you ok handling fear and insecurity?  Conversely, how do celebrate a win? With grace and humility? Or with pomp and boasting? Victory and defeat are key aspects of a person’s character.


What is fun for each of you?  Does laughter come easily?  What humor resonates most with each of you? Do you prefer a partner with clean or dirty humor?  Do you enjoy sarcasm or wit?  Is it offered in kindness or out of spite?


You can learn much from one’s relationship with tradition. Are family, societal, or religious customs important?  How do you treasure certain practices that are handed down over time? Would you rather create new traditions together?

It’s likely you won’t meet someone who matches each of your goals.  Understand how you are prioritizing your “requirements.”  By ensuring you cultivate a relationship with a person with honors your most pressing desires you better your chances at creating a fulfilling love that lasts.  Honor your list and refuse to settle.  It is better to be lonely for a little while than waste time or emotions on the wrong person.