Seeking and Recognizing Soulmates

Seeking and Recognizing SoulmatesHave you ever met somebody for the first time, but felt an inexplicable sense of compatibility as though you’d known this person your whole life?

If you have, it’s possible you’ve met a soulmate. Soulmates are companions with whom we’ve shared deep connections in one or more past incarnations. These connections help both people develop spiritually.

But how do we recognize soulmates? After all, we have many relationships throughout our lives in which we believe we’ve found the perfect companion.

The signs that reveal if you’ve found a soulmate can be physical, emotional, and even visual. The most common sign is confidence and comfort in the relationship, since soulmate relationships include commitment and fidelity above everything else. What’s often considered to the intense, intimate sense of “love at first sight” may actually be an indication that we’ve met somebody we deeply loved in past lives.

Another sign we’ve met a soulmate is that despite relationship difficulties, the couple understands and overcomes everyday problems and stays together. A third sign is a mysterious attraction that often manifests as a connection so strong that you can carry out involved communication with a simple glance.

True love will not just appear out of nowhere. It’s a connection that builds through multiple incarnations; an evolutionary process in which two people grow together and benefit both themselves and each other.

The deep, emotional bonds between soulmates survive physical death and become eternal. Soulmates share many lives, complete with joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies, love and forgiveness, anger and reconciliation and, above all, an infinite capacity for growth. We feel an instant bond in the first encounter of a lifetime with a soulmate, as though we’ve known each other for a long time. That’s because this is probably the case.

Looking into a soul mate’s eyes lets us know their status as such. We’ll perceive special vibrations or energies. Since the heart’s “eyes” are the first to see, you feel them with your heart. An inner confirmation will come from the heart. Words alone aren’t capable of conveying the certainty of soul-level recognition. Although the physical bodies differ in past and present incarnations, the soul is the same. Therefore, it can be recognized completely and without a doubt.

Soul-level recognition takes place as an inner knowledge or perception of the soulmate’s light or specific energy vibration. It’s a profound and intuitive knowledge, so we recognize each other immediately and completely.

They may share characteristics of a physical body they had in previous incarnations we shared with them, so we view them the way they looked to us before, often with a healthier or younger appearance.

Recognizing a soul may occur in the physical realm rather than in our hearts. This physical recognition can occur when an infant or a young child shows a specific behavior or possess a physical peculiarity. They may pronounce words or phrases in a manner identical to that of a beloved late parent or grandparent. They could have a birthmark or scar that matches that of a loved one. Or may take us by the hand and look at us in a similar way. The most important factor in such cases is that we do recognize them.

Multiple Soul Mates

Some people do not have just a single soul mate. That’s because the feeling of having met somebody before, or that we share strong feelings and inexplicable instincts with them, isn’t limited to just a single person. People can have multiple soulmates. Our romantic partner can complete our soul, but a best friend, a parent, or a child can do this as well.

There’s no guarantee that we’ll connect with the souls who are most closely connected to ours in our current or any other incarnation. We may marry somebody who’s not as attached to us as deeply as a soulmate would be. We may have relationships with people who have something specific they need to learn from us. We may recognize a soulmate at a more advanced physical age than ours, after they’ve established family connections in their current incarnation.

Also, it isn’t necessary to be involved in a romantic relationship to feel the fullness and satisfaction of a soulmate bond. A parent, a child, or another close relative may incarnate as the soulmate with whom we’re most closely connected. It’s also possible that a soul mate hasn’t incarnated in our current life, but is watching over us from the spiritual realm, in the form of a guardian angel or spirit guide.

Finding Our Soul Mates

Once you understand how to recognize soul mates, you need to start searching for that one who ideally suits you. It’s important to prepare and to open up to the possibility of the encounter. Accept the fact that this ideal partner does exist, is seeking you, and desires to be with you as deeply as you desire to be with them.

To ready yourself to meet your soul mate, reprogram your manner of thinking. Relax and release your negative, blocking memories to drift away, as though they never happened. Things that bothered you and isolated you will begin melting away, and you’ll start feeling the good in others as well as in yourself. With these new positive emotions, you’ll more easily be able to approach people.

When you’re emotionally ready to find your soulmate, you just need to find them. It helps to remember that your soulmate is seeking you with the same sense of longing you’re seeking them. You both feel this because you share a deep and powerful vibrational compatibility.

Soulmates represent profound connections to ourselves not only in our current incarnation, but also in our past and our future and lives. So, finding our soulmate can be our key to personal development, peace, success, compatibility, unity, and happiness.