Usually, Everyone wants to make changes with their life when the New Year comes but let’s get real… only few of them materialized. Now is a good time to look back at 2016 to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Hindsight makes it easy to figure out the mistakes we’ve made, but fixing those mistakes isn’t as easy.

We can make changes to our diet, or find time to exercise, but relationships are much more complex situations. When it comes to matters of the heart, rationality and good sense don’t always come into play. Pain may continue in our lives because love is usually stronger than any good intention or force of will.

Patterns and Lessons

Many times, we put up with an unsatisfactory relationship, hoping it will get better or that someone will make changes. However, the same patterns will continue to repeat until a lesson is learned that leads to change. How do you know when you you need to make a change? There are several indicators.


Anger is one of the most prominent indicators that something is amiss. Not just occasional anger over a temporary disagreement, but constant, chronic anger over continued lack of consideration or disregard. if you’re the one who’s angry, this sort of anger is a wake-up call to listen to your inner voice. It’s telling you to address the situations that make you feel disrespected. Heed anger’s call when things get off track. Then you can use that anger to have the uncomfortable conversation that could get things back on track. If you ignore anger, the situation continues to deteriorate.


Resentment, like anger, is a more subtle form of dissatisfaction. It hides and seethes and builds until it can become full-blown anger. Resentment can start with little things that seem minor at the time, but as resentment grows, it can become a mountain that can be hard to conquer. Resentment can be more difficult to detect, but that gnawing feeling in your stomach becomes impossible to ignore.


Boredom or restlessness is a sign that your lessons or your karma with that person have come to an end. This can be a difficult situation because there is no particular argument or issue that is the catalyst for making changes. There can still be strong feelings for the person even when the spark is gone. This makes it more challenging to recognize that it is time to move on.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships can be particularly challenging. These relationships have deep-seated patterns of dysfunction that have been forged over lifetimes. People are often drawn into karmic relationships to heal those patterns and release them so that they can move forward and develop more positive, healthy relationships. Karmic relationships generally have very strong attachments and it feels difficult, if almost impossible, to break away. Even though a person may realize that the relationship is unhealthy, it can go on for years with a great deal of struggle and pain. Karmic relationships will eventually dissolve when the karma is content. At that time, the parting will occur is a synchronistic way.

Relationship Readings

Relationships are complex and very personal. people in your life may want to give advice based on their experiences, but no one can make those decisions for you. Making changes comes from intuitively connecting to your highest self and trusting that your inner knowing is the best guidance for you. However, much of the time, when we have an emotional attachment to a situation it can be even more difficult to get clear inner guidance. This is the best time to connect with professional guidance that can give clarity and insight into areas that others may not be aware of. Relationship readings can be a catalyst for change and can give confirmation of decisions that assist in guiding you towards your best and happiest future. If you’d like a reading, feel free to call me.

I wish you love and happiness in 2017.