People often want to find their soulmate because they are wanting to be with someone and have the relationship they always wanted. But what if your soulmate is committed or married to someone else?

It is up to you what you will do. You have to remember that:

  • People have more than one soulmate.
  • Not all soulmate connections are romantic.
  • The universe can help you if you are meant to be.

The connection that you have with your soulmate is one that is full of energy. This energy takes two people and puts them together. Before you find your soulmate, you need to decide what you are going to do if they are married.

When Your Soulmate is Married

Not everyone knows what a real soulmate is. They sometimes think they found the person that is meant to be with them forever, but it isn’t like the movies. A soulmate isn’t always romantic and sometimes it is a friendship or mentor type relationship.

Your soulmate isn’t always the one person you are meant to be with for your whole life. Some believe that they are, but this can be hurtful for you and can cause you to make poor decisions.

Having a soulmate connection is part of your soul group and this means you share a soul contract with them. This can change your life. There are different soulmates that you will meet through your life such as your mother, your best friend, a teacher, your neighbor, your child or more.

A soulmate idea can be used differently. Some believe it is a twin flame which is the other part of your soul, and some believe it is something else. People have many soulmates over life.

A kindred sprit is one that connects with you in a different way. These relationships are people that respect each other, and it can be an emotional or spiritual level. This can be a better relationship than marrying someone.

You need to find out what you believe a soulmate is to you. There are different kinds of soulmates and once you understand that you will be able to make better decisions if your soulmate is already married.

Is This Your Soulmate?

First, you need to decide if this person is really your soulmate. This means that things aren’t always romantic. You might be upset because this person is already married but they might not even be your soulmate.  Here are some signs that you have met your soulmate:

  • Strong connection: You have an instant and strong connection with this person. You are pulled to them, and you recognize them from your soul group.
  • Dreams: You dream of this person and even if you have never met them, you dream of them. This is a spiritual connection so you can dream even if you have never seen them.
  • Timely: This will be someone you meet at a timely manner. It won’t be a coincidence, but it will be something the universe sets up for you.
  • Strong communication: You will have strong communication with this person, and you might even be able to talk to them telepathically.
  • You become a better you: A soulmate will make you become a better person. Even though this isn’t easy, you will want to be better and want to reach your purpose.

Trusting the Universe

If you find out that the person you met is your soulmate, you need to trust the universe. If your soulmate is married, you need to not worry because that will end at some point or another, even if it is in another lifetime.

The best thing to do is that you need to understand that you cannot control everything, and you need to concentrate on your own growth.

Why Have a Soulmate?

Soulmates are connections that go beyond the physical. They are there to help you to reach your spiritual journey. This kind of connection is a karmic relationship, and it is meant to teach you a lesson in your life. Once the lesson is learned, this person moves on.

Karmic relationships are painful because they often end. They can also be emotional rollercoasters and they challenge you to face things in your life such as your weaknesses or your fears.

Karmic relationships are not always good. They are not what people expect. This can be romantic, but it can also be your sibling or your friend. The energies of you and your soulmate will be on the same vibrations when you meet. They will connect with you at your soul, and you will share the same energy source.

Twin flames are karmic relationships that have a runner and a chaser. They are confusing but these relationships normally last forever. This is the other half of your soul, and your twin flame mirrors your soul while you are getting healed of your past hurts.

Getting a Psychic Reading

When you don’t know what to do next and you need guidance, talk to a psychic. You can find one that can help you to understand your soulmate connections even better than you already do.


  1. Understanding that a soulmate might be married and that’s okay changes the narrative. It’s more about personal growth than possession.

  2. The emphasis on personal growth and trusting the universe is key. It’s a reminder that we can’t control everything.

    • Indeed, focusing on one’s development while remaining open to the universe’s plans can be quite liberating.

  3. The distinction between soulmates, twin flames, and kindred spirits is well-articulated. It adds layers to how we view our relationships.

  4. Acknowledging that karmic relationships are often challenging yet educational is a valuable point. It sets realistic expectations.

  5. The recommendation to speak with a psychic for more insight is an interesting suggestion. It can provide a different perspective on complicated emotions.

  6. The article touches on the complexity of soul connections and the importance of recognizing different types of soulmates, which is thought-provoking.

  7. The idea that soulmates come in various forms and are not always romantic is intriguing. It broadens the traditional concept and encourages deeper connections.

  8. This piece prompts readers to redefine the concept of soulmates and understand the various roles they play in our lives.


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