Wedding Dreams

Weddings mean changes are about to come in your life. But have you ever dreamed of getting married or getting proposed to? This can leave you having strong emotions and have you wake up wondering what y our dream means. Maybe you are about to get married, or you had someone propose to you which could be why you had the dream, but if not, here is what else it could mean.

What is Your Relationship Status?

The relationship that you are in might be a reason that you are dreaming of getting married or proposed to.

Being Single

If you are someone that is single, dreaming of a wedding might mean that you want to be in a relationship. Even if you don’t dream of a partner, it can mean that you need to have more love for yourself. If the dream leaves you overwhelmed, it can mean that you are feeling pressure from families, friends or yourself to get married.

Being in a Relationship

Rather you are in a relationship that is serious or one that is just on and off, when you dream of being proposed to or getting married, it can help you to know what you are feeling about your partner. If the dream made you feel happy then chances are that you are ready to make the relationship more serious. If it was a stressful dream, then you might need to slow down. Some people dream of weddings when they are about to get married, and this kind of dream can mean anxiety.

Being Married

Being married and dreaming of getting married can mean that you are thinking about your past and how happy your marriage made you. Or it can mean that you are having a hard time in your marriage, and you need comfort.

Being Divorced

If you are divorced and dreaming of being married, it can mean that you are missing the person you were with or that you want to meet someone new.

Who is Proposing?

Who is proposing is as important of what you are dreaming. Here is what it can mean:

You Propose

If you are the one that proposed, it can mean that you are dealing with a situation that is big. It can mean you are confident in what you want.

Your Partner Proposes

This can mean that you have a strong love with your partner, and you are ready for the relationship to be more serious.

Someone Else Proposes to You

If you dream of someone else proposing such as a coworker, it can mean that you have a crush with someone. It can also mean that you have a new idea that you want to try out.

Your Ex Proposes

If your ex proposes, it can mean that you have feelings for your ex and you miss them. It can also mean you need to communicate with them.

Not Your Wedding

Dreaming of a wedding that is someone else’s can mean that you are happy for people that are getting married around you. Maybe you have someone in your life that is trying to get a promotion or doing something new, if so, this can mean you are supportive of them.

Don’t Stress

No matter what kind of dream you are having, don’t let the dream stress you. Learn to face your situation and to not get too emotional. Dreams of weddings can mean you want to be committed or it can mean that you want love. Not all dreams mean the same thing and no dream should cause you undue stress.