Ways to Attract Love Now

Do you want to manifest something in your life? Have you always been looking for love? If you are wanting to manifest something in your life or if you are looking for love, you are not the only person that is in this situation.

Money and having a good job can help you to feel better in your life. It can help you to reach your goals and this is one way that people love the Law of Attraction.

Using the Law of Attraction

There are ways that you can use the Law of Attraction and it can help you to find love very fast.

Here are some of the ways you can use this technique to manifest love:

Vision Your Soulmate

The same way that you can imagine bringing money to your life, you can do that to find yourself a soulmate or a partner. You do not have to ask the universe to send you someone that looks a certain way such as the color of their eyes or hair or what kind of hobbies they have.

The best thing to do is to make characteristics of what you want your mate to look like. Do not try to find someone based on looks but find someone that is going to make you happy. Write down on your paper the goals you have of attracting love.

Never be super picky about what you are asking for because the universe will listen, and you may never find your partner. Ask the universe to send you someone that has the same values and likes the same things you like.

Dream Board

Once you have a vision of what you want in your love life, imagine how your life would go. Make a board that you can actually look at.

The Law of Attraction means that you will attract things into the universe that you want. One way that you can do this is by creating a dream board. This board can be images of the perfect relationship in your mind and things you want to manifest in your life.

The board that you use will display pictures and other things that you want to come into your life. To make your board, cut pictures out of books or magazines or even draw your own pictures. You can write words on your dream board that are positive and can bring good things to you.

Be in Love

You can manifest love when you believe in it. You need to live like you already have love in your life. Start doing things such as getting your house together for your partner to come and visit you or tell your partner “Happy Anniversary.” Doing this can manifest things into your life faster.

This might seem weird to you but when you learn to change your attitude to a place of love, you will start feeling love and when you feel love, you can manifest it to your life.

Live as if you are already in love with this person and that they are already your partner. You will attract what you want, and your lifestyle will help you to do this.

Think hard about how your partner would spend time with you in your house. Make your house the perfect way to attract this person such as paint the living room or buy a new couch that you can share with your partner.

While you wait for romance to come to you, do other visual exercises. You can even do Feng Shui which is something that helps to attract love. Do this in all corners of your room.

Share Love

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you put into the universe will come to you. This means that you want to put love out into the universe. If you want romance to come to you, spread love each day to people so that you can get love back.

Talk to strangers, help people, give people money that need it and help someone that is hurting or struggling. These things that you do show love and the universe will give you love back.

Sending out love means that you will get love back and one big way of showing this is by volunteering your time to help others. Be creative in what you choose and do something that is important to you.

Go to a nursing home or go to an animal shelter. You can also do a fundraiser for a charity you believe in.

Get Rid of Blocks

You are probably wondering what is standing in your way of attracting love to your life. The truth is, there are things in your life that can cause you to miss out on love.

One thing that could be holding you back is if you have a partner that you are with right now. If they are not the partner you want, you need to break up with them and move forward in your life.

You will not be able to go back to this person once you break up with them if you want the universe to send you someone else. Get rid of your exes’ things and send them to a charity or donate them to people in need.

There will be some things from your past that you will not want to get rid of and this is okay. Do not throw them away but put them in a box and put them in the attic so that you do not look at them anymore.

Doing this can help you to move away from the past and allow the future to come to you. You can find love and things will work out in your new life for you.


If you are at home and you see something that makes you think of love coming to you, use this object as a way to show your intentions.

Take this item with you wherever you go and when you see it, remember that you are calling love to yourself. You can find something that you can hold and use such as a coffee mug. When you look at this item, imagine what love will do for your life and how good your relationship will be.

Each time you see this object, think about love and happiness.