Twin Souls and Best Friend

There are many signs that can tell if you have a twin soul that is your best friend.  Here are some ways that you can tell:

Same Side

You and your friend are always on the same side, you pick the same movies, you enjoy going out to drink together, you have heart to heart talks anytime you are around.  You never wonder what your best friend is feeling or thinking, and you do whatever you can to accommodate their needs.  You pay attention to their emotions.

Always Together

You are always together, and you can laugh forever at the same silly things.  You enjoy the same foods and you laugh at each other’s crazy jokes.  No matter what is going on, you and your best friend are meant to be together.

Your Person

You find that this person is your person and they will call you and text you whenever something happens.  You will immediately think to call them when something is going on and they will call you immediately, no matter what is going on and what time it is.

Read Each Other’s Emotions

You can tell when something is wrong with your best friend even when they pretend everything is fine.  They will call you out and you will call them out.  They will know when something is going on inside of you and will make you tell them what you need.

No Explaining

You will not have to explain yourself or your behavior to your best friend.  They will understand and always be there to listen.  There will be no need to explain anything because they just get you.

You Are Closer to them Than Your Partner

This will be the person that you feel the closest to than anyone.  You will stay up and eat ice cream together and share all of your secrets.  You will have unconditional love for them no matter what, even when things are good or bad.  Your best friend always comes first over anyone.

Personality Charge

You will be able to be who you are, and you won’t have to worry about being overly emotional or loud or obnoxious.  No matter what happens they will love you for who you are and will embrace your personality.


You will be comfortable with opening up to your best friend.  You will have no desire to hide your emotions and to worry about being truthful.  Your best friend will never judge you and they will never stop being your friend.  No matter what they will not be able to push you away.

Constantly in Contact

You will see that you are always contacting each other and not a day will go by that you will not contact them or talk to them.   You will call each other or text each other daily just to say something silly.  You will always want to communicate with each other.

Life Together

You will never be able to imagine your life without your best friend.  You will feel terrible if life takes a turn and makes you not be together.  You will plan your goals, life and happiness around your best friend and not having them by your side is unthinkable.


You will have a bond with this person that is closer than any family member or friend.  No matter what happens you and your best friend will be like one.  You will be connected through a bond that is unbreakable.  This bond will stay with you forever.