Courting is like dating, it’s a term coming from the medieval ages, when a man courts someone he’s usually the one who’s in love, eventually it can turn into dating while flirting is being sweet and trying to get a girl to like you, in a way, it’s like courting. However flirting is the direct action of getting the girl to like you while courting is the relationship.

Men Want to Make the First Move 

man-gives-flowers-to-woman-450x299There is an innate, hardwired impulse that many men feel when it comes to romance and courtship. It is the power and thrill of the hunt. As any hunter will tell you, hunting requires restraint, subtlety and focus in order to achieve the desired goal. Not many successes would be reported if a guy came barreling into the forest with Aerosmith blaring from the stereo and all four wheels crashing through! There is nothing subtle about this form of flirting and courtship! Still, men want to make the first moves and they want to feel that they have “won” a woman’s heart.

Women Want to Be Courted

And as for you lovely ladies, let’s be honest: Nothing feels as wonderful as being personally selected and courted by someone who interests you. The “hearts and flowers” stuff may seem passé, but I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t beam with pride when she receives such tokens of gallantry and experiences this kind of flirting. Not only is it an ancient expression of appreciation and attraction, it is a modern reminder of the efforts a suitor has taken to win your favor.

Flirting is an Old ArtFlirting

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or somewhere in between, courtship is an art that is as old as recorded history and it is trying to make a comeback. How about giving it a little “boost” this year? There are a myriad of manners by which to express an interest and, while there may be some who might think of this as superficial or a “game,” it is simply a courtship dance. Every creature on this planet has some form of this kind of attention-getting ritual.

From Peacocks to Apes to Humans

Peacocks strut and make certain calls when they are trying to impress. Snakes dance and entwine one another. Great apes show their prowess and interest by beating their chests and making great noises and sometimes they even fight one another for the attention of that special one. Humans have various rituals too. Sometimes it is the old standard of candy and flowers. Sometimes it is the simple introduction that begins with a look of acceptance and a friendly smile.

Be Carefree and Courageous

When in a musical environment, let yourself dance! Even if you are dancing solo, it is very easy to get the attention of that special someone. This is usually more easily done by women than men, but it is a definite way to show you are carefree and courageous—two attributes that really go far in the early stages of romance.

We Gravitate Towards a Joyous Light

Like any other species on this earth, we are all drawn to the ones who appear happy, healthy and secure within them. We all gravitate to that joyous light. It is psychic. It is physical. It is very real. It transcends time and space and it is completely without any kind of hesitation or alteration. It is the true source of life and love.

Decide On Your Relationship Goals

download (10)For those of you who land more on the timid side, ask yourself what your real goals are going to be this year in terms of relationships. Do you want a long-term romance? Do you want a fling? Or do you want to stay single? Nothing is wrong with any of these decisions as long as they truly come from your heart. If you are choosing to stay single rather than take a risk of anticipated rejection, please remember that such an idea is coming from a place of fear and will ALWAYS lead to a very sad and unfulfilled life. However, if you are truly happy being single, you have nothing at all to lose by letting yourself have a moment of unbridled joy on the dance floor or anywhere else that moves you to express yourself.


Accept Yourself

Embrace that light within yourself. Accept yourself right where you are today. Let your psychic self lead you to your goals and stop doubting your own worth.You are rare and beautiful! Allow your heart to shine and watch who draws near to that light! Bring in as many or as few as you desire and do not allow yourself to settle. Your aim will be as high as your target this year!


  1. Accepting oneself and embracing personal light is an empowering message. Confidence and self-worth are crucial in any interaction, romantic or otherwise.

  2. The advice to be carefree and courageous during courtship is valuable. It encourages individuals to embrace their true selves in romantic pursuits.

  3. The article makes an interesting point about the historical context of courtship and modern dating practices. It’s fascinating to see how these behaviors have evolved over time.

  4. I appreciate the comparison between human courtship and the rituals observed in the animal kingdom. It highlights the universality of these behaviors.

  5. The mention of the ‘power and thrill of the hunt’ in men is intriguing. It would be beneficial to explore the psychological underpinnings of this behavior further.

  6. The article’s suggestion to decide on relationship goals is practical. Aligning one’s actions with their true desires can lead to more fulfilling relationships.

  7. The idea that women enjoy being courted is addressed well. It acknowledges the pleasure derived from feeling valued and appreciated.

  8. The comparison to various species’ courtship rituals is a reminder of our biological roots. It’s a thought-provoking perspective on human relationships.


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