Sweet Things to Keep Relationships Working

If you want any relationship to work, you have to work at it, and it can be the little things that keep the relationship strong. Sending cute text messages or calling each other or knowing what your partner likes on their sandwich are things that are intimate.

Being in a long-distance relationship is harder and since you don’t see your partner as much as you want to see them, you need to make sure that the romance stays alive and strong. There are many different things that you can do for your partner, even long distance, that will make them smile and love you even more.

A long-distance relationship is really not any different than a close relationship because once you meet someone that you fall in love with, the difference is that the commitment has to develop in a long-distance relationship, which can just take longer.

If you want to stay close to your partner no matter how far away you are from each other, you have to show your love in different ways. You need to be more creative because you won’t get to hold your partner or be close to them as much as you want. You have to make sure that you and your partner trust each other.

Here are some things you can do to keep long distance romance strong:

Writing Letters

Writing letters is not outdated. When you receive a handwritten letter, it makes things seem more special than getting an email. If your partner tells you how much they love and miss you in the note, write them back and it will keep things moving.


Find fun things that are happening in the place where your partner lives. Surprise them by spending a day with them but if you cannot, plan a time where you can go back and try out those places with them later.

Count It Down

Keep talking about what you will do with your partner when you guys get to spend time together. Count down the days with them with short texts.


Many people like to read, and you can start a tradition with your partner by sending them a book to read that you have read. This way you can discuss it with them. Keep doing this and it can make new conversations and fun.


Each time you make a playlist for yourself, send it to your partner. Let them know that you are missing them when you listen to certain songs.

Talk Often

People have different ways of communicating and if you are with a long-distance partner, you need to make sure that you talk often. Make sure that you do things to stay in touch since you cannot be together physically.

Sexy Times

Find times where you can be sexy and video chat your partner or send them nudes. Doing this on top of communicating with them will keep them excited.

Movie Date

If there is a movie that you and your partner have talked about wanting to see, call each other and watch the movie together or watch it and then talk about it after you both see it.

Flowers or Dessert

There is nothing cooler than receiving flowers or dessert in the mail. Do this for your partner and see how it makes them feel to have their favorite treat delivered to them.

Share a Meal

You cannot actually share a meal with your partner but you both can try the recipe out at the same time. You can Facetime each other and then find out what the other is doing with their recipe.

Long distance relationships aren’t always easy but if you work hard, you can make the distance not seem like such a big deal. Think of them often and show them as much devotion as you can to make them know how much you love them.