Reuniting with Past Life Lovers

When you are out in the world and you meet someone, chances are that you will feel like you have met them before or that you will feel like you have known them forever. The reason that this happens is because you have an experience with this person from your past life.

Someone that is form your past life can come back into your life in the present moment and it can either be a friendship, mentor type person or even a romantic relationship.

There are some signs that you have met this person a long time ago.

Past Life Reunited

Finding someone that you had a great experience in your past can leave you feeling whole and amazing. It is a big possibility that when you feel strong feelings for a certain person that it might have been someone that you knew a long time ago.

When you become interested in someone, you become encouraged by them and you feel stronger about them than you understand.

Signs of Meeting Someone from Your Past Life

When you meet someone that you are attracted to, chances are that you will get a feeling that you are pulled to them. You will feel that you have known this person for ever and you will not doubt that you are meant to be in some kind of relationship.

This will be someone that will be easy to talk to and someone that you are excited exists in your life.


When you have a dream bout someone that you have met before, chances are you are feeling this dream. This can be memories that come to you or your Akashic records that help you to know things about your past life and your past soul.

Easy to Care

One of the biggest signs that you have met someone from your past life is that the person you have met is easy to talk to. You are just attracted to them and they can finish your sentence, or it is like they can even read your mind.

They know what you like and what you don’t like, and you get along perfectly.

Strange Relationship

When you meet this person it will always be under strange or unusual situations. This will be something that just seems to happen but remember it is a setup from the universe.

Pay attention to when this person came into your life and what was going on when you first met them.


The experiences that you have with this person will be very strong and sometimes they will be very emotional. These things can leave you feeling intense and overwhelmed but since they are so deep, you will know that it is a strong connect.

Weird Things Happen

Pay attention to the things that happen when you are together. Do you always see a certain animal cross in front of you or do you always have butterflies land on you? There are things that can happen so that the universe can show you that you are meant to be with that person.

No Time

You will have time with this person, and it will be like there is no time and that time is standing still. Things will go by so fast that you will never have enough of this person. You will be sad when you aren’t with them and you will think about them when you are not together.

This person will be very linked in your life and they will be there no matter what happens. Most karmic relationships are hard to deal with and if you do not make it, chances are that you had unresolved karma in your past life that you needed to learn from.

This person can come to you so that you can reach your higher self. This can be a strange situation for you but remember that the universe always has a purpose, and it is important that you have an open heart.