You enjoy each other’s company and you spend every day together. You laugh at each other’s jokes, split muffins at a coffee shop and even talk about your future together. There’s just one problem: You don’t have the ability to see his social media account. What does this mean for your relationship?

Ask About Social Media

If you haven’t talked with your beau about social media, bring it up. Let your boyfriend know that you’re concerned about his unwillingness to add you to his account. If he’s less than forthcoming, try psychic chat readings to get a clue about why he’s freezing you out online.

Log On From a Friend’s Device

It sounds sneaky, but it might put your fears to rest — or alert you to a potential danger sign. Your boyfriend might have blocked your account from viewing his profile. To circumvent his subterfuge, ask a friend if you can look at his profile from his or her device. Unless your boyfriend has set his account to private, you should get a peek.

Invite Him to Connect

Maybe he’s waiting for you to make the first digital move. Send your boyfriend a friend or follow request to learn how he responds. If he ignores or denies the request, you might have a doomed relationship. Alternatively, he might immediately accept, in which case you can put your fears aside. Some people just don’t like making their relationships public.

Discuss Previous Relationships

Many people fear having the “ex talk,” but it’s vital to keep a relationship moving forward. Your boyfriend might have kept you off his social media accounts because he doesn’t want you to learn about his past through old photos and posts. Get the talk out of the way and reassure him that you know he has a past; you’re just hoping to become his future.

Ask to Meet Friends and Family

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t feel ready to introduce you to his crowd. If he has a difficult relationship with his family, for instance, he might worry about your reaction. Ask him directly if he can introduce you to the people in his life. Once you meet them offline, he might not feel as anxious about introducing you online.

Search His Handle

You don’t have to view someone’s profile to know about their social media exploits. Search for his name or handle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You might find posts he’s written on other people’s accounts, for example, that could give you insight into his behavior.

Decide What You’re Willing to Do

If you’re hurt by his digital rejection, don’t let your feelings fester. Maybe he’s keeping a secret, or perhaps he can’t give you the openness you seek in a partner. Either way, consider ending the relationship to avoid wasting each other’s time. You could also book a psychic phone reading to work out what you want and need and to receive insight into the relationship.

Nobody likes to feel like a secret in a relationship. Social media has become important in relationships, so use the above tips to get to the bottom of the problem.