We tend to envision someone who comes into our lives, makes us happy by taking all our problems away as our forever partners just as we see it happens all the time in the films. This finding can easily make you blinded in love till you lose that chance of having a perfect relationship with someone who you’ve been interacting with the entire time.

There is always that thought of affection towards somebody in your circle of friends. However, it’s not easy to pinpoint those feelings and change them from friendship to relationship. Pay attention to the kind of friendship lest you miss out on the chance of meeting your perfect partner.  There are some noticeable signs that will show you are friend zoned. That is a good sign and the perfect time to move out of the “friend zone” and into affection.

It is important to take your time when you finally realize you’re developing feelings for your friend. This doesn’t mean you are secretive but it means you are just finding the best way to convey that message of your growing intuitions to them.

Do you experience any of these signs? If so then this is the moment to traverse your intuitions and take that daring step of turning a friendship to a glamour relationship.

Sign 1: Seeking of Help

You might have discovered that you frequently seek the help of your special friend while you having problems or when you’re happy. That is already a sign that your emotions are building up and soon you’ll be moving from friendship to relationship.

Sign 2: Unanticipated Enviousness

Do you feel jealous when other individuals pay more attention to your friends?  Then this should be an indication of a change in your feelings.

Sign 3:  A Case of Nerves

A lot of individuals always keep their developing feelings a secret due to the fear of not being sure if their companions experience the same and if they are willing to risk the whole companionship if hell broke loose. Experiencing a case of nerves is frequent when you begin recognizing your feelings. What do you gain by pursuing a relationship? Especially with a trusted friend? Often for a relationship to last then it should be built on the foundation of friendship.

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