You make choices every day that could probably make a huge impact to various facets of your life. There are thing you do and don’t do and these choices either make your happier or don’t.

When it comes to finding your soulmate, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you’re doing anything to sabotage your search. Read on for better insight into how your daily choices are affecting your search for your soulmate.


Our past relationships and hardships will always be part of who we are, but we don’t have to let them control us. Whatever your challenging and perhaps negative history is, make sure you’ve made peace with it. If you haven’t, it will continue to block you from seeing clearly and being open to better things and better relationships. If you don’t make peace with your life up until now, you may not even recognize your soulmate, or they may not recognize you. You lack of inner peace could be giving off negative or closed off vibrations to any potential mates.


Fear will stop us in our tracks every time. It’s scary to love someone as completely as you will love your soulmate. You are making yourself vulnerable to being hurt on the deepest of levels. While you have loved many people in your lifetime, loving your soulmate will put your heart at the greatest risk because of the depth of your connection. If you remain closed to taking that risk, you will never let your soulmate into your life.


Speaking of fear, many people may be afraid that they will never find their soulmate. This can lead to settling for a relationship and person who they know is not their true love. Loneliness is another unfortunate reason for settling, resulting in relationships offering only mediocre companionship, which seems preferable to being and feeling alone. You can’t find your true soulmate if you’ve committed yourself to someone else, while simultaneously attempting to convince yourself they are “the one.”

Unrealistic Expectations

Perfection doesn’t exist and being with your soulmate doesn’t mean life together will be easy and free from pain. All spiritual challenges and growth experiences are uncomfortable and painful, and your soulmate will definitely challenge your spirit. But this is the good stuff! It is through strife that you emerge wiser, stronger and more appreciative of what you have created and experienced together, drawing you ever closer as soulmates.