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Eliminate Negative Relationship Patterns

relationship 3In spite of your best goals and endeavors, relationship hit lows that fell like quitting. Partners lose trust, lose regard for each other, and at times start seeing each different as contrary, even after huge measures of time together. In the event that you have seen unfortunate relationship themes, you’re one stage nearer to breaking free of a cycle that abandons you unsatisfied inwardly. Furthermore, now that you see the patterns, you can progress in the direction of evolving them.

Special Talents, Visions and Guidance

Whether you want to reconcile with your current partner or you need to start over, a psychic can help you along this path. How? A psychic’s special talents and inner visions, along with their ability to receive guidance from spirits, allows them to provide emotional and spiritual guidance that a relationship coach or counselor may not be able to provide. Here are four ways in which we do that.

  1. We Can Help You Improve (or Increase) Communication
    Relationship experts say the foundation of any good, healthy relationship is communication. If you’ve ever broken up with someone because of poor communication, it’s likely neither party admitted there was a problem until it was too late. A psychic can advise you on your current relationship and predict where you might be headed. Plus, we can provide you with spiritual insights that may help you build a deeper connection with your partner by understanding your partner’s unspoken desires and how they prefer to communicate.
  2. We’ll Help You Rebuild Trust
    relationship 1Losing trust is hard, especially if you’ve been lied to by the person you love. There are plenty of ways we lose trust in our relationships and some of those scenarios leave you ready to walk out. Infidelity, for example, can leave you resentful and ready to end things. However, a psychic can help you understand the issues that infect your healthy relationship and tap into both of your feelings and needs. A psychic can also guide you through the breakup process when and if you feel it’s better to walk away than to try to reconcile.
  3. We Address Roadblocks Before They Arise
    A psychic who specializes in love and relationships can determine difficulties that might arise throughout a couple’s relationship. Knowing what these blocks might be allows the couple to discuss them openly and plan ahead, acknowledging that rocky moments arise, but with planning, they can also be overcome. This type of work also helps when discussing compatibility in personality and sexual desires and, if used appropriately, can actually bring a couple closer together instead of tearing them apart. It’s as simple as checking out energy patterns and breaking them down in a way that’s easy to understand so couples can use the information and improve their relationships.
  4. We’ll Cut the Cords That Bring Unhealthy Situations Into Your Life
    If you’ve found yourself dealing with negative relationship patterns, dating the same type of toxic person repeatedly, or discovered you sabotage relationships when they reach a certain level, it might be time to consider an energetic cord cutting.

Two Energetic Structures

relationship 2When you create a relationship with another person, two energetic structures are formed with them: one containing unconditional love and the soul bond and the other hosting all of the negative patterns and undercurrents of your relationship. If you continue seeing negative patterns in your life, it might be time to cut one of the negative cords created through your relationship. Once the cord is cut, the thoughts, emotions and behaviors associated with it cannot filter into your subconscious, breaking the negative patterns that were energetically stored in that cord.

Make Loving Feel Worth It Again!

Each partnership has its share of ups and downs, and it’s important to know how to salvage what’s worth saving and how to walk away from anything that no longer serves you. By working with a psychic in one of these four ways (or multiple ways), you will have the opportunity to improve your relationships in ways that make loving feel worth it again.

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