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Do You Have A Cheating Partner?

      Are you thinking if your lover’s wandering eye indicates an unfaithful heart? Or maybe if your partner’s business trips include something that they’re not telling you about? Are you starting to question if it’s really their sister calling on a cell phone at midnight?

If you suspect your beloved may be cheating, it may indeed be time to leave, or it may be a chance to actually make things work. If you haven’t addressed the issue and it’s just a suspicion, they may not even be cheating in the first place! But whatever way your situation shakes down, the point is, if you’re concerned that your lover has been out on the sly (whether actually physically involved with someone else or involved in a cyber affair), you need to consider why you’re in the relationship, as well as your role in the problems.

This doesn’t mean that it’s your fault if they cheat – it’s up to them to be honest with feelings and activities, and in a worst case scenario, leave you before getting involved with someone else. But it is your fault if you elect to be the helpless victim.

5 tips to tell
Before flying into a jealous rage (not that that’s ever desirable behavior, but sometimes it’s unavoidable), take a good look at your partner. What makes you think they’re up to no good? Could you be imagining things, or even worse, projecting? The following are some signs that most experts list as potentially indicative of unfaithful behavior:

1. Out of the blue, your lover is extra concerned with the way they look.

2. Your sex life steams up or slows down significantly. For little or no reason, they start picking fights with you.

3. The time they spend at work skyrockets.

4. Your lover develops new or unusual tastes in food or pastimes.

5. They’re hooked on the Internet and click off when you walk into the room.

While all of these signs can indicate cheating, remember that most of the time you can trust your gut. If you have a history of questioning things without reason (it’s common to feel insecure in relationships, this is something you can work on), then there’s a good chance you’re psyching yourself up for nothing here too. However, if you generally have good instincts and something seems to be amiss with your sweetie, then the best thing to do is address it.

There’s no point wasting anyone’s time in a relationship that’s not working – especially your own! Whether you decide to mend your fences or move on, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from taking care of yourself. Don’t be anyone’s victim!

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