Twin Flame

Twin flames are people that are the other half of your soul. You were separated before you incarnated to the earth and the energies were put into two different beings. When there is a twin flame separation and it is coming to an end, you might get different signs.

There are signs that you are going to have your twin flame reunion, and this can mean that you are interested by certain places, or you get excited out of nowhere. You might even begin to dream about someone. These can all be signing your twin flame is coming to you.

One of the biggest and best soul connections is your twin flame connection. This is when your flame will be ready to reunite with you.

Why Twin Flame Relationships?

Twin flame relationships happen because they are there to connect with you so that you can reunite in a different lifetime. This is a time where you will reach your biggest and best self and you will mirror your twin flame.

They will be someone that shows you your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to reach your higher self.

When you have weaknesses, you have to face them so that you can reach your journey will excellence. This will be a time where you learn who you are, and you change.

Twin flame journeys can happen, and the soul mission will be completed, and you will reach your awakening.

There are different ways that the twin flame reunion can happen and even though they are rare, they will eventually come to you.

Some twin flame reunions have short separations while some are on and off. Others will make a connection before they even meet. The relationship can be a separation and a reunion depending on the energies.

Signs of a Reunion

Sometimes when you are interested in certain places for no reason, it can mean that your twin flame reunion is about to happen. This can be exciting for you and if you are excited, go but if you are worried, avoid the place.


Divine timing plays the biggest role in meeting your twin flame. You have to be in the right time with the universe. If you feel that the time is coming, there should be no negative thoughts or feelings, just excitement.


Finding your twin flame should be exciting and if you have excited energy, this can be a time that the energy is strong, and the reunion is about to happen.

Feeling happiness out of nowhere can mean that your twin flame is about to connect with you and your energy will be strong.

Having just happiness can mean that your vibrations are high, and this is something that has to happen to draw your twin flame.


If you feel that you are being pulled towards someone and you just feel that you have known them forever, it can mean that you are about to meet your twin flame. You should feel that you have known them and missed them tremendously.


Your twin flame can talk to you and communicate with you from an astral plane. Even when you aren’t together you are still connected, and this is a time they can talk to you.


You might see that things happen out of nowhere or you might start to see signs. Maybe you see repeating numbers such as 333 or 111 and this can be a sign of your twin flame coming to you.

Number sequences can also mean that the universe is showing you something exciting.


You and your twin flame can start having the same dream when the reunion is about to happen. This can mean that the separation is hard but when you see your twin in your dream you will know it is close.

Signs and Symbols

Many people when they are about to go through their reunion will see signs and symbols. It can be signs of people or animals in love.

The pair might be swans or elephants or something together that are showing love to each other.

Feeling Them

You may feel that your twin flame is close to you, and this can mean that they are. It is a physical sign that they are coming to you.

Thinking of Them

When you start thinking of someone out of the blue, it can be your twin flame. They are probably thinking of you as well.

How Long Does It Take?

The reunion part is the longest part of the twin flame journey. This can take as long as it takes you and your twin to be ready.

When it is time to get together, you have to get over things that you have struggled with, and you have to be fully healed.

Even when your twin flame is doing better, they won’t be able to come to you unless both of you are ready for it.


The twin flame reunion is the last stage in your twin flame journey. This will be times where you have faced your challenges and where you have become your better self.

When your twin flame is ready to come to you and you and the universe are ready, you will be reunited with them.

Look for signs and symbols that the time is come. Find out what you are experiencing, what you are feeling and what you are thinking. You can talk to a psychic if you have more questions.