images (31)Valentine’s Day is approaching. You have a Valentine…but are you really in love with him or her? With your head spinning from all the heart-shape chocolates and red roses, it can be tough to figure out. Fortunately, scientists have pinned down exactly what it means to “fall in love.”

Being loved and loving back is a beautiful feeling. It takes courage to tell that special someone how you feel about them. There are invisible signs that speak about your feelings of love.

Many of us believe that love is always visible because others show it in a variety of actions, but there are some invisible ways that love is shown and some ways that it is undetectable to the observer. Let’s take a look at some of the invisible signs of love that may help you see just how truly you are cared for by another individual.

56117d078a99916c5b0cc00123833bf0They Keep Momentos

If you open your boyfriend’s sock drawer and he has the old cards you gave him, he loves you. When people keep little objects, expressions of love or little notes that remind them of someone close to them, it means they truly care for that person. This is usually a personal thing and the other partner doesn’t always know just how many movie stubs they keep or how many pressed roses are put away in a box. Try not to snoop too much!

They Always Respond to You

When your partner responds to you even if you just send a smiley face text, they love you. It is those couples that ignore each other during the day and who are hardly in touch who may suffer eventually. The more someone keeps in touch with you, the more confident you can be that they care deeply for you. True love just won’t leave you hanging.

images (32)Their Family Knows Your Birthday

If your partner’s mom or dad knows that your birthday is coming up, chances are your partner talks a lot about you when you’re not there. He or she wants to share their love with their family and mentions things like your next birthday or your newest job advancement. It might take you off guard when you see your partners parents again or for the first time and they know quite a lot about you, but it just means you are loved.

They Have Your Well-Being in Mind

While we don’t like to be told to wear a scarf or buckle up when we are pushing 30 or 40 years old, it generally comes from the love that is embedded within your partner. They love you and will do everything they can to protect you, even if it is to protect you from yourself and bad habits. While we may take offense at first, it comes from a place of true love and care.